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  1. Screen replacement for the liquid :angry: http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?rt=nc&Type...d=p3286.c0.m282
  2. Which kernel did you finally used? I'm tempted by OC kernel, but I don't want my phone to be unstable.
  3. Wow!! Fast reply and ... it works :lol: :D Thanks a million time! Restoring my last backup now. I'll stop playing with it for tonight :D Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I was playing with custom OC kernel from this post : http://android.modaco.com/content/acer-liq...100-15-aap-fet/ I used the bat file and now my Liquid refuse to boot : Acer screen then android then black screen. I tried using adb anf fastboot to reboot, but nothing works. Acer tool doesn't detect the phone as connected. When doing the hardware key combination to access the recovery menu I have this message : splash1 : chksum ="numbers_and letters" OK boot : chksum ="numbers_and letters" **fail** recovery :chksum ="numbers_and letters" **fail** system : chksum ="numbers_and letters" **fail** --- FAIL I really don't know what to do else, I even tried a hard reset via the hardware key, but that doesn't change anything ... Anyone can help?? Thanks in advance =\
  5. Maybe try to contact this guy : http://acer-liquid.fr/vachounay-2010-t523.html His kitchen : http://kitchen.shoobee.eu/
  6. Had suddenly the same kind of problem the last 2 days, but I didn't install anything new ... I just changed my language from French to English and back to French. Phone was keeping rebooting. I saw on another forum that some apps could cause reboots, like Handcent SMS. I uninstalled it, switch back to French and no more reboot ... Strange thing is that my phone was working perfectly with Handcent SMS before that. LCR1.4 Baseband 03.12.01 kernel 2.6.29
  7. Hi all, just redid the entire procedure for the 4th time and now it works !? The "device not found" when running the "install-recovery.bat" comes from the fact that on he LCR wiki page it is said : reboot phone to bootloader mode with "reboot-bootloader-windows.bat" then run "install-recovery-windows.bat". The first line of this bat file is and adb command to reboot to bootloader, but the phone is already in bootloader with the previous step. So I didn't do anything different than the other time, it just ... worked :huh: Thanks again for the fast feedback!
  8. No error during the bin flashing. I only have the "device not found" error when using the bat file from LCR page to install the recovery. When doing it with the command line with fastboot, I don't have this error =/ I'll try the fastboot erase option tonight (I'm at work, no access to usb out here). thanks for the fast reply :huh:
  9. Hi all, some weird issue for me since yesterday : I followed instruction from the LCR wiki page I flashed with the last 0.010 bin -> OK Rebot in boot loader -> OK Install last Malez Recovery -> device not found but install ok (?) Reboot to recovery -> doesn't work =/ phone boots normally When using either adb or physical keys, the phone just do a normal boot (ie to the system). Exactly like if Malez recovery wasn't installed. I tried to install Malez recovery with fastboot from the command line, I don't have anymore the "device not found" message, but still, I can't access the recovery menu. Any idea guys? Thanks! Phone info : baseband :A1-03.12.01 kernel : 2.6.29 [email protected] #1 build : acer_liquide_0.010.00_emea_gen1
  10. Sorry, just in the middle of my learning curve here ;) So for the records : adb push CorpCal.apk /system/app then launch it and voilà ;) Thanks guys for the fast support!
  11. Thanks for the info, but it doesn't seem to install : ends with "Application Not installed" Any idea? Thanks
  12. Hi all, just updated to Xian v0.5B Rom. Everything works nicely except one thing, I can't sync anymore my Exchange calendar. On 1.6 (stock), I was using RoadSync (provided with the phone) to sync both my Exchange email and Calendar. Now with 2.1, the email sync function is integrated to the system, but nothing for the calendar and RoadSync refuses to launch. I red somwhere that it was supported by HTC Sense UI and was wondering if there would be a way to get this function working on my phone? Any help is welcome ;) Thank you! Note : I can't use any software that would sync my Exchange account with my gmail account as any gmail access is blocked in my company
  13. Hi all, just flashed my liquid with this ROM, everything went fine Only little issue : not all the apps are visible in the android store : I wanted to reinstall Barcode Scanner, but it doesn't display at all. Did I missed a step somwhere? Thanks for the excellent work on this ROM:)
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