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  1. youre right,theres no perfect phone right now. both have their flaws and pros.
  2. just got my HD2 today and im flashing a new custom ROM right now of course courtesy of XDA DEV. I passed on my Omnia i8000 to my wife and the one she's using right now is to be sold. anyone want an Omnia i900 in excellent condition??
  3. thats what exactly ''ghamedy'' posted. download the link Rhodium Keyboard WVGA.zip and install. ive tried it already but i still like swype.
  4. TMO US doenst support 3g for i8000 because its not a tmo phone.
  5. Any reasons why i dont need to change to an HD2? my contract with TMO is over this month and im thinking of signing a new one. ive been thinking of getting an HTC HD2 just because of 3g. can anyone convince or explain to me why and what is the comparison between these 2?
  6. Is there a way to set-up our phone to use 3g on TMO network??
  7. Where are you located? Im using i8000 on TMO but you wont be able to use 3G or Edge on it.If you use your i8000 on AT&T then it will be capable of using its 3G.Im on th $20 data plan but my contract is over so i dunno whats new with TMO regarding there data plans.
  8. Hey neighbor!!! I saw you have the Bing App,is it working good on you? Im having problem with location setting.Its stuck on finding location.
  9. My default is COM4,but nevermind i uninstalled Bing anyways.ill just stick with Google Maps for now. Thanks!!!
  10. Anybody having this problem? Im stuck on the default location ( Seattle ) and it wont locate my current location. Has anyone have the working .cab for this one?? Thanks!!!
  11. You can check this out : http://cgi.ebay.com/ORIGINAL-SAMSUNG-OMNIA...=item5192f45a78
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