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  1. Is that a San Diego they're using in the promo shots? And does this version of mobile payments require one of those secure sims you used to require from Orange? Quick-Tap enabled or something along those lines.
  2. It'll work fine, don't worry about it. (A long time ago, 3 sims didn't work in quite a lot of phones and a lot of those sort of comments stem from this).
  3. Still plain old giffgaff.com as the apn, giffgaff as the user and blank password entry. It was iPhones/ipads which got the new usernames to use. Connection Name: giffgaff APN - Access Point Name: giffgaff.com Login - Username: "giffgaff" for all devices or "vertigo" for iPhones and iPads Password: the password is "password" Proxy: leave blank MMSC: http://mmsc.mediamessaging.co.uk:8002 MMS proxy: MMS port: 8080 MCC: 234 MNC: 10
  4. Interestingly enough, it's just been confirmed that the Razr I is going to be officially updated to kitkat (4.4.2). When is a different matter, but things seem to be moving already. Such a shame for the OSD in comparison as I'm sure the Razr I would confirm that kitkat should zip along on that hardware.
  5. Where's the funny? That was a serious answer. There's plenty for sale on eBay... But not many get bought. So around £40 for that. The faulty one say another £10 and I'm not sure what the BB goes for but add another £10. Don't forget those on eBay sell for slightly more due to fees, buyer protection etc. You asked a question and you got a realistic answer - where's the humour there? As capable as the hardware is, the OSD is stuck on old, aging software and that affects its price.
  6. I'd say IF you can find a buyer - around £40-£60. Getting the interest may be difficult though.
  7. Honestly, if you can find a RAZR i for a bit more - it's certainly a much better buy. It's also got the faster Atom processor amongst all the other stuff previously mentioned - and you can get the unlock code for a few quid off ebay. In 6 months time (which is a fair amount of time, and then say another 2 months for EE to process the unlock), would you really want to be using the OSD? It's build quality is extremely poor - in that time you'll almost certainly have cracks forming, a white patch on the screen... Specs aren't everything unfortunately. I know it's cheap - but there's a reason for that.
  8. No it's a separate download - it will usually prompt you to update the phone through the auto-updater.
  9. Both are rootable - just steer clear of further updates.
  10. If it wasn't stuck on 4.0.4 it would be a pretty good deal - the fact it doesn't even have Jelly Bean (and it's quality issues) would make me steer clear of it nowadays. The Razr i (if you can find one) would be the better buy. The quality is much better (in fact, one of the best around in my eyes) and the unlocked boot loader opens the possibility of keeping the OS up to date now that CM are starting x86 builds if you want to stick to an Intel powered phone.
  11. Forgive me for being dubious, but for something like that to leak is pretty unheard of. Do take them up on their offer though and get a hold of it so we can look at it. It would simply be a case of modifying an existing rom in any minor way, resigning, then seeing if the phone accepts it. Nice easy test as to whether its the real deal or not. :) And flashing an X500 rom... :wacko: For one, it's already signed (although it may be a different algorithm to the X900/OSD), but the hardware itself varies enough for it to cause issues. It has two radios to start with! The only way that would work would to be to rip the rom to pieces, then mix and match pieces with pieces we already have from 4.0.4. If that tool does turn out to be the real deal then I'll start a new VM with all the tools in place and i'll have a look to see what can be done - but without those tools there's no point in even trying yet.
  12. I would be really surprised if they actually have the intel signing key. It'd be nice to see... but I just can't see it happening. Even then, it's only going to be 4.1 - anything newer would have come out for the RAZR i, with its unlocked boot loader. The fact it doesn't yet exist for that should say something - the source isn't there to use. When CM10.1 (x86) matures a bit, things might look rosier - but thats still all dependant on the signing key, or beating the BL security.
  13. Here's the dump: http://ppl.ug/5oJnxooqMOU/ It should be a permanent URL too.
  14. I've found it on my VM... just uploading it to an alternative host now. Looks like it's taking longer than I hoped on my current connection. Worst case scenario is I'll get it rehosted tomorrow when I get back to my fibre connection.
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