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  1. For about half a year now I've gone away from Windows Mobile and have been using Symbian s60. I own a Nokia n82. For the longest time I've just wanted a phone that has great emulation and great ports of games, and symbian 60 has quite a bit. Here I'm proud to show Quake 3 running on my Nokia N82, hope you guys enjoy!
  2. Well, besides my motorola phones and proprietary phone OS's, Windows Mobile was my first BIG OS I've ever used. It started years back when I got a t-mobile sda smartphone. Then I upgraded to an AT&T Tilt (Kaiser). But after the Kaiser's lack of drivers, it made me switch to Nokia Symbian 60v3. I currently use a nokia n82. I also bought an Apple iPod touch. Some of you may remember my hate for apple, but I've jailbroken it and use it fun (lol). I can do multitasking, backgrounding, file browsing, all the things a normal iPod/iPhone wouldn't let you do. Hackers make iPod/iPhone's great, but apple restricts us from this. anyway back on topic.. I've switched to S60v3 (symbian) because right now it's faster than windows mobile on a crappy qualcomm CPU. Nokia's hardware is far superior to the windows mobile phones currently out with now. I'm just sticking with what is best until Windows Mobile (HTC phones) catch back up again. I always will love windows mobile tho. There are so many developers, and it's always fun to flash custom roms. Symbian can't even come close to the amount of developers. iPod/iPhone just has lots of apps, they're just fun to install and play around with, but none of it's as serious as Windows Mobile. Here's what sums it all up.. if speed wasn't an issue (let's imagine all OS's ran at the speed of the iphone), I'd much prefer windows mobile, there are so many more features. I'm simply just taking a break from Windows Mobile right now, thats all. 1) The question is why? Why do you stick with Windows Mobile? The great forums related to it.. xda-developers, modaco. So many hackers/developers making great apps. 2) What feature(s) make you stick with Windows Mobile? Custom roms!!!! 3) What deters you from other Mobile OS devices? I'm more familiar with every part of Windows Mobile than any other OS.
  3. I've noticed, the thing about landscape is you need to play around with the resolutions. For example, on my Tilt it would crash on landscape. Bear in mind my Tilt's landscape resolution is 320x240. I found I was actually able to run it at 319x240 and it run perfect. Odd, yes? So when playing with the config file try playing around with the numbers, subtract 1 pixel from your device's actual resolution and see if it fixes the problem.
  4. ah yes.. "right now" there is no device that can run it. "back then" there was. "hopefully in the future" there will be. lol I believe my statement still stands correct, well, besides that one 1.0ghz device, I can't remember what it's called.
  5. It's because as of right now there is no device that can smoothely run windows mobile, it takes up way too much CPU power, so it leaves almost nothing for gaming. Also, qualcomm processors aren't making it any better... This is why I'm switching to symbian 60 for now. Nokia N82 and N95 can play SNES and GBA at full framerate with sound. Not to mention, it can play quake 3 at about 25fps, with the accelerometer if you wish. Of course it plays quake 1 and 2 as well.
  6. actually, some pocket pc apps have been posted here in the smartphone games section. We've just always treated it as a "windows mobile games" section, being that there is no "pocket pc games" section. ;)
  7. I haven't been on Palringo in more than a year. Today I signed in again to find the number of people online had considerably gone up. Before it used to be under 10 people online. now... I can't even count that high :D Well, I hope I win, lol.. I'm assuming this could be unlocked for AT&T?
  8. WOW!!! upon looking at some of the newer youtube videos, this is awesome!! One of the best mobile games I've ever seen!
  9. Just signed up and following! :excl:
  10. Have you seen the Need for Speed undercover for the iphone/itouch? the graphics are simply amazing!
  11. 3 question: 1. Multitouch devices? 2. Will they be making more Right handed devices? (Keyboard slides out right, that way you can use the stylus with right hand and D-pad with left) 3. When will they move on from qualcomm and start using a faster processor, TI Omap 200mhz and Xscale (of different speeds) are faster than qualcomm. These Qualcomm processors are equivalent to most of HTC's 2003 devices! Thanks paul! hope I'm not posting too late.
  12. Similar to the iphone keys? they are transparent buttons but you can still easily see the game without distraction.
  13. I noticed this as well, all you need to do is put it in a .zip and it will work.
  14. It seems you have switched 150% and Fit2Win*? as the quality of 150% doesn't look good, but Fit2Win now looks great like 150% did. Also, how come the Genesis sound is a lower pitch? (atleast with Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles 3). great job tho!
  15. This makes me very happy :( but how many of these 50 devices do you think will use a crappy qualcomm processor?
  16. I personally would like something like that AND the old controls. But since I have a kaiser and it lags horribly when the screen is touched and makes me want to drop kick the phone, I'm fine without touchscreen controls :)
  17. super mario RPG was one of my favorites. Also kirby superstar I think it was, and of coarse Super Metroid. Is zelda 3 the same thing as Zelda - A Link to the past? Cause that one is one of my favorites.
  18. thats a great idea!! xda-developers! You're bound to get many donations there and people interested in your emulation. Bitbank if you do decide to bring your project to xda-develpers start in the development and hacking section. We never get any emulators in that section, your topic will be the #1 most viewed lol.
  19. ah finally! They're alive! My dad was just asking me yesterday if my phone could work as a webcam, i told him the developers havn't updated since the begining of 2007, funny, a day later you post this on MoDaCo. Their forums were turning into a mess. People were posting porn images or whatever they could find to see if the admins would delete it. In 2007 they would, and in 2008 it just got worse and worse with no maintenance, they disappeared lol. Well I hope they add support to qualcomm devices, being that is what every new phone is now. I myself actually look forward to Coolcamera..more than webcamera plus.
  20. Picodrive and n0p's SNES work well? I was talking to DSF on xda-devleopers and he said they really suffer on his TouchPro:
  21. haha thats awesome! I wonder if it's as easy as copying the GX.dll file and whatever else it uses from the wm6.0 windows directory into the wm6.1 quake directory. Quake 3 it worked, as far as getting accelerated to work. really??? landscape mode actually works? with the keyboard out and everything, the screen is actually rotated landscape to fit the screen? The Esc key is hard coded to either the Camera button or a different button, i forget which one... atleast if your using the quake from http://www.herz-power.de/pq.php. Is that the same quake you're using? If you could tell me exactly what your using maybe we can get it working... or maybe it's just compatible on the Fuze and not on the Kaiser.
  22. unfortunatly this was an older video I made when we used wm6.0, now we all use wm6.1, and for some reason quake 1 and 2 arent compatible with it, atleast not in landscape mode. Even now I'm not able to get it to run on my tilt.
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