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  1. Stuart_f

    Tethering Nexus 4 to Nexus 7

    I'm intrigued as to how Orange can tell you are tethering, especially since you're tethering another android device. Something doesn't seem right.
  2. Stuart_f

    Kitchen Down?

    Its not just you. I gave the r12 kitchen a try to see what happened and ainsley.modaco.com didn't respond for 15 minutes. I've dropped a PM to Paul to let him know. His last login was a few hours ago so most likely he's asleep. Hopefully an easy fix when Paul gets the message.
  3. Stuart_f

    MMS problems on Orange UK anyone? (Jr10)

    Actually I had some MMS issues myself the other day that I think are related to the Orange/T-Mobile conversion to EE. The fix was to go to Settings > Under "Wireless & Networks" hit "More..." > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Hit the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner > Choose "Reset to default". When I did the the old general.t-mobile.co.uk APN vanished and was replaced with two entirely new entries: EE Internet and EE MMS. Since then I've had no issues at all. Hope it works for you too.
  4. Stuart_f

    Wireless charging options for the Nexus 4

    You are probably already following this thread on XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2360202&page=11 quick summary: Qi wireless charger should charge to 100% then switch off and come back on again around 96% keeping the phone in the 96-100% range forever. If you see it get to 100% then switch off and never turn back on again then it's most likely because you are plugging it into a 5v 1A mains charger, try it with a mains charger that can produce 2A and it'll work properly. The stardard N4 charger is only 1A and is known to have problems with this device.
  5. Stuart_f

    MMS problems on Orange UK anyone? (Jr10)

    Did you try sending yourself an MMS?
  6. Stuart_f

    MMS problems on Orange UK anyone? (Jr10)

    I had something which sounds a bit similar to your issue but I'm with T-Mobile, however, since the 2 brands are effectively the same now through EE perhaps you might get lucky. You seem to need to show the EE network that your phone is MMS capable before it'll send you anything other than a link to your message. The way you do this is to send yourself a MMS message from your own phone. I know it makes no sense at all, but give it a try. I was a sim-only customer, perhaps they are sent out provisioned for voice and data only until it receives the "secret signal" that the phone it's installed in is MMS capable.
  7. From a random thread on XDA, "According to android source code (FusedLocationProvider), Fused Location is actually a location service which combines GPS location and network location to achieve balance between battery consumption and accuracy." Why its using your battery is anyone's guess...
  8. Stuart_f

    OTA update 4.2.2

    Thank you, I had missed that option but I think I'll leave it until the effects of this Sauvignon Blanc wears off to try it :D
  9. Stuart_f

    OTA update 4.2.2

    Tried that on my stock Nexus 4 (4.2.1) and it didn't see an update. Also tried it on wifi and 3g and with a reboot. I guess we just have to wait.
  10. Notification came by email. Device arrived on Fri. Very happy with it so far.
  11. Ordered mine on play store last night, got a TNT tracking number about an hour ago.
  12. Yes, you are perfectly correct - this should be true - but it's not :( You can get SD (non-SDHC) cards in sizes above 2Gb. They don't strictly comply with the SD spec (because the spec only defines sizes up to 2Gb) nor do they strictly comply with the SDHC spec (because they aren't SDHC) but they do exist. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/30952360
  13. Could it be that some cards are using SLC flash and the others are using MLC? Either that or some of your cards are actually SDHC rather than SD. There's no telling if different batches of phones actually use different memory controller which might account for the larger variety of cards working in phone B when phone A (presumably an earlier example) is much more picky.
  14. Stuart_f

    HTC One X+ Review

    I wanted one but I'm really, really struggling to justify the extra £200 over a Nexus 4.
  15. PC Suite is a Nokia software package. It will not work with the Blade. Did you mean USB drivers or something different?

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