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  1. notaliberal

    Jog Wheel and/or Button Hacking

    Yea, I checked for 38 (decimal equivalent of the hex 26), and did in fact find an area that may be of use. I can't quite decipher it well enough to figure out if/how to make the scroll wheel send the codes for right/left instead of up/down though. This may be something hard-wired on the board. Look at: HKLM\Security\Phone\PhoneKeyMatch\KeyboardMappings Everything in there is string values though, so I wouldn't even know for sure which value it's representing - ie hex or decimal or both. It lists multiple values for the keys though, some of which are obviously hex, so start with the assumption that the values are in hex for all those strings. If you figure out what/how to add some keys/strings that'll change the action of the wheel, PLEASE let us know. I'm stumped. Thanks,
  2. Your battery will say Model: K110160 Should be right below the HTC logo. You won't have to remove the battery to see it, just the battery door... Good luck,
  3. notaliberal

    Colored Iconbar Plugin

    Rinku - Hope you're still checking this post once and a while... :D How did=fficult would it be to move one of the headset icons (either the BT or the regular headset) over to the left more? Currently when I'm wearing my BT headset AND I have my special adapter hooked up to use my little portable speakers to listen to music, I get both the headset icons right on top of each other and it looks, well, sorta ugly. I understand if this is too much work to make a specific change just for me, but figured there might be others out there too who experienced this. It'd be greatly appreciated, but either way I LOVE the colored icon bar. THanks a million for it!! (Oh, any luck finding out what controls the icon bar when you're anywhere other than the homescreen? Just curious...) THanks! Jeff
  4. Is it possible that this is just a hardware thing? Like, turning the wheel hits the same contacts as pressing up and down on it? Would love you hear some opinions on this. Not trying to be impatient or anything, just haven't been getting many replies to my recent posts... I'll search over at xda as well, and if I find anything I'll update this. But it doesn't look like there's much info to be found... :D Please reply with ANY ideas or suggestions, even if they just point me to another place to look for this info... Thanks again,
  5. Tried searching, not finding anything, which leaves me less than hopeful... Does anybody know if it's possible to re-map the jog wheel to scroll left and right, rather than up and down? I never use the darn thing anyways, but it would be nice if it could scroll through the facade calendar appointments on the homescreen. Plus, sometimes I'll accidentally turn the wheel just a tiny bit as I'm about to hit the middle button, so focus moves off whatever I'm about to click on right as I click it. Can get annoying. Or I'll type the first three letters of a contact name, and just as I am about to hit the talk button I'll rotate the wheel a *tiny* bit when my finger leaves it, and I end up calling the next name in the list. So, anybody know if there's a registry setting that maps this? Thanks,
  6. Here's some pics. Note that I didn't notice the color difference very much until I saw these. It's nowhere near as noticeable as it is in the pictures. I have the green version of the shadow, they also have a copper one if that's the color you chose... It's definitely heavier, but it's kind of nice as it helps the phone stay upright in your pocket. Feels nice and solid still... Enjoy, Jeff
  7. big oops! the paths above should be HKCU, not HKLM!!! very sorry for the confusion! let is know how it works...
  8. One other possibility... On my WM6 device, I had to manually tweak the reg hack for the email to be stored on the card. Look in: \HKLM\Software\Microsoft On WM6, there is no MAPI key in the above path. The hack seems to create one, but it has no effect on where the email is stored. Instead, you need to go into \HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings THat's where you create two new string values like this: Name: AttachPath String: \Storage Card\Mail\Attachments and Name: PropertyPath String: \Storage Card\Mail You'll need to make sure you create those paths on your storage card. Make a folder named Mail and in it put a folder names Attachments. Once you reboot, it should work. If you use a file explorer you can now move the contents of \Windows\Messaging into \Storage Card\Mail. That should free up some space as well... Let us know if you have any problems...good luck,
  9. you can move the contents of \windows\appmgr to the storage card, just make sure you move them back when you want to uninstall a program. That'll free up a couple megs, depending on how much you have installed... That's my 2 cents... Good luck,
  10. Tried searching for an answer, can't immediately find one... When I set my timeouts in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\Timeouts (typically set the user idle and system idle for battery to 10 and 20, respectively), it works fine and everything times out correctly. Then, some random amount of time later, with or without a soft-reset, I'll look at the phone and find the screen still on. I check and, sure enough, the registry settings I changed have somehow changed on their own, and they always change to 0, which stops the screen from timing out all together. I have not gone into Settings -> Power Management as I know that will reset the values. So, anybody know why this keeps happening or, more importantly, how to make the settings STAY? All ideas welcome please!! TIA, Jeff
  11. Well, nevermind. I just upgraded my phone to the latest T-mo ROM, and once I got everything back the way I like it (Oy Vey!), PIE now correctly triggers media player as it should. Wish I knew what happened, but oh well... Thanks anyways,
  12. Okay, would anybody with a shadow (that IS able to take (L)arge or CIF size videos) be willing to export or list their registry settings for HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\Recparam for me, so that I might look for differences? I still can't get this to work. As soon as I choose L of CIF as the video size, I get the wait cursor that never goes away until i kill the camera with task manager... Please help! Jeff
  13. notaliberal


    Rather than a registry setting, I think it's don ein the homescreen layout. Here's a snippet from a default T-Mobile homescreen. Look at the sections where it says I'll try to bold them, but I'm not sure how to bold sections in a code snippet.... Call in progress: Missed calls: [/codebox] You'd probably have to play around with the message plugins, such as trying formats like state="noevent", state="nomsg", or perhaps state="noSMS" or state="noemail". Or try to google for the correct way to do this in the message section... That's my best guess for ya. Give you something to try until somebody more knowledgeable chimes in.... :D Jeff
  14. I know this has been posted at other forums, but I figured I'd post an "official" confirmation here. I just got off the phone with t-mo after seeing a post that they were giving out free extended batteries. I explained that mine lasts about 18 hours with my current usage and that I read they were offering free extended batteries. The t-mo rep confirmed that, and they are sending my free battery, along with a back cover to fit it (kind of a bummer if they really had to make it bigger, but oh well). With the free UPS ground shipping, I'll have a decent lasting battery in roughly 7 days, no charge whatsoever. So, call them up all you shadow users!! Might as well get it while it lasts!! Maybe having to send out all the freebies will make them look more closely at issues like this in the future... Yay.
  15. Well, when I click it in PIE, after I get the error I can look at the address bar and it just ends in citadel_kqrs_fm - it has no file extension at the end of the address. It does, however, start with mms:// rather than http:// so I don't know if that's the issue or not. - confirmed that it doesn't seem to have an extension associated with it. Opened the link from the desktop PC, which is: mms://citadelcc-kqrs-fm.wm.llnwd.net/citadelcc_kqrs_fm and it plays in media player. Look at the properties for it and it calls the format windows media audio, but nowhere does anything actually end with a .wma. The stream center link for this station is: http://www.thestreamcenter.com/PDA/search.asp?search=kqrs I'd be interested in seeing if anybody else gets this to trigger media player by using PIE. Maybe the stream center changed the link, which is why it used to work and now doesn't? ...but then opera still works to trigger media player... Thanks Paul, Jeff

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