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  1. Well gents. Appologies for not being in exactly the right place on the forum but I've installed the ttn7.915.9196.vga_black.cab file onto my Omnia 2 with no difficulties (copied cab file to storage card and installed from there). However, when i run TomTom, it is not detecting my (legitimately owned!!!) TTN6 maps which are installed into the correct folder \Storage Card\UK and IE plus major roads of WE. TomTom Home is being useless and telling me it can't find the installation file when i try to reinstall it using Home. Yet the cab file it's looking for is in exactly the correct place!! I've also tried copying across the UK map cab file and opening that on the phone only to be told it's been unsuccesfull. I can't even re-download my UK map from the TomTom website because that's talking about a Home Button being broken!! Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance. Mike
  2. Evening all, Just got my Omnia 2 this evening. I hoped i'd be able to install TomTom Navigator 6 which has been my trusty companion for years now, but sadly it's having none of it. Looks like a serious incompatibility issue with the graphics drivers. I begrudge paying £90 for the new TomTom 7 which from what i've read on here briefly doesn't work properly anyhow without fudging it. I might pay in the region of £30 for an upgrade from TomTom 6 to 7, but doesn't look like I can. Does anyone know a work around with this? Is it too much to ask that a newer version of Win Mo would be backwardsly compatible!?!? :) Cheers, Mike
  3. Just got my hand on the Omnia 2 from mobiles.co.uk today! It's very slick and the screen is gorgeous. It is preloaded with win mo 6.5. Unfortunately, i think i've just nuked it by installing TomTom Navigator 6! It didn't like that at all. Gutted, because Tomtom is one of the main reasons i've been keeping with win mo. Any ideas?
  4. I've had two cheques for £30 now in the last two or 3 months? Don't know what's going on there. Does anyone? I have been victim to the international text fiasco but it's only been one or two and £30 more than covers for it. I must admit, i don't check my bill online each month (haven't done for donkeys) but if it comes in between £25 and £30 then i know it's about right.
  5. Hello! Long time since i visited these forums but ho hum. Righty! Shiny new gadget got my interest! But what's the real difference between this and the HD other than the buttons? I saw GPS/Wifi/BT/FM Radion and thought this is what i've been wanting in a device for years. But then I see the HD already has this and will probably be cheaper come my upgrade time in August. Cheers, Mike
  6. Hello, My (recently fixed) phone locks itself and asks for my code to unlock after 15mins. The "lock" application in settings->personal only allows me to select upto 15 mins. This is a tad annoying when TomTom is running. The "prompt if device is unused for" tick box is ticked and greyed out and won't let me untick it! Can anyone help? ta, (PS: First post on here for many a moon!!)
  7. I too have been stung for 9 text messages this month following installation on my (now broken) new mda touch plus. what's the latest on this? i've been using it since the word go with no problems until now!
  8. NOoooooooooooo! My screen is broken. I've had the phone 3 weeks and the barstuard screen is broken!! I took it out of my pocket on monday morning when i arrived at work and there's not a mark on the phone apart from the LCD screen appears to have fractured! This is my 5th smart phone now (3rd with a touch screen) and i've neither lost/damaged/had stolen any of the others. I can't believe this has happened just from sitting in my pocket!!! I have no insurance on it either. Your help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :D Mike
  9. OOOPSS!! I had a million and one POIs trying to be displayed. I've switched them all off and the frame rate is how it should be. Thank god for that!
  10. HI folks! Just got my new MDA Touch Plus from t-mobile yesterday. I was very impressed with it right until I loaded up TomTom. Holy crap does it run slow. I found this video lurking which seams to show it's a problem with the graphics drivers on a lot of the recent HTC devices. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIJWAu6IRe4 It's so bad the phone may well have to go back! Has anyone else had this problem?
  11. HMmm, might just've been my phone's settings. I downloaded the latest from http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/phone-support/
  12. Is it just me or is T-mo 3G borked again?
  13. Wooohoo! Got my £30 today!! In cash?!!? Not a postal order...how very risky of them! Not sure if that's my second or third £30 cheque now? Either way, free moneys! :)
  14. Yeh, it was borked north of Leeds all weekend. I nearly did some fiddling. I should really have checked here first shouldn't I?! I'm back at work just south of the centre of Leeds today and it's fine.
  15. Hello chaps (and possibly chappesses), it's been a while. Work have asked me to look into the prices of getting some PDAs to use whilst on site. On these PDAs we need to log boreholes and trialpits with the description of the soils encountered and their location. We've previously used PLog on a ruggidised PDA, however we've found the way of inputting the data to be too inflexible so we intend on using a PDA with an excel spreadsheet template which we will then import into our logging software in the office. We will be inputting a fairly large amount of text, around 100 to 200words per log (there's 100s to do over several months). So we need.... 1) PDA with a large screen or keyboard or both so that text entry is fairly easy. 2) Preferabbly ruggidised or with a decent case that doesn't hinder its use. 3) Bluetooth GPS or even better internal GPS. 4) Phone facility is not really required. 5) Some software that will read the GPS and copy the co-ordinates to clip board so these can be imported into the excel spreadsheet. 6) Good battery life or ability to buy extended capacity batteries. Can anyone please give me some recommendations for the above. Price is not all that important so feel free to go fairly wild (say upto around the £1.5k mark) :rolleyes: Thanks muchly, Mike
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