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  1. Itech do a Cracking bluetooth keyboard which is a virtual 'laser' one... best I've seen, anyway......
  2. See, I have no qualifications, and no friends either. Go figure !
  3. I completely agree with the comments about the M3100 wobbling when you extend the keyboard and put it on a flat surface ... makes it almost impossible to type and is very annoying. If only they had considered that people might want to use it like this and made the back flat, like on the M500........
  4. So you would rather it just said 'Location - Birmingham' and didn't recognise your Scottish heritage?
  5. Don't know the answer to your problem .. I tried everything I could think of, and in the end, hard reset my M500 after backing everything up. Problem solved. But not in a very clever way, I'll admit :D
  6. I don't think that I would bother with the case ..... so long as you treat it with a little care, it would be fine. I have had my M500 for about 9 months now, and it's still in pristine condition, and it goes everywhere with me , including work, pubs, clubs etc. If you have seen an M600 or an M500, think about 2mm deeper, and you've got the size of the M3100 (without case) :D
  7. Have you set it to check for emails every xx minutes? if so, could it be displaying only new messages, then, when it looks again and finds no new messages , displays an empty inbox? That probably doesn't make sense ... what i suppose i mean is, have you tried telling it not to check automatically, to see how long the messages remain in your inbox?
  8. I think it's all been covered .... but anyway : does the lack of a keyboard on the M600 inhibit the phone much? No, but the one on the M3100 is fantastic -what about the lack of the scroll wheel? Again, not a big worry -is the M3100 noticeably bigger than the M600? No.. a couple of mm maybe -is it worth paying an extra
  9. I should have guessed ... what with this post being in the 'Smartphone' section :D But the M3100 / Vario II is the best thing I have ever seen, and I just want everyone to have one !!
  10. Yes, I was. I was refering solely to the 'men seeking women' or 'women seeking men' areas of the theoretical MoDaCo lonely hearts . I am sure that there would be equally thriving 'men seeking men' and 'women seeking women' areas, in which I would be unable to participate.
  11. Well, your 'phone started off with 64 meg of internal memory, I think, so you need to move a shedload of stuff onto the external memory card ... start with all music, pictures and video that is stored on the 'phone memory, and then see how much free space you have on the device........
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