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  1. good to see another once helpful site has gone down the shitter
  2. Hi all, Well no matter how many phones i go through (40+ over the years) i always come back to my trusty m600 ;) I do, However have a couple of issues. 1) I have unlocked my phone (sim+cid) and upgraded the rom to I-mate JAMin_WWE_ 2130923_21309112_020720 put my T-Mobile UK PAYG sim in and entered all my gprs/mms settings etc, And all is working perfect, However the roaming icon is constantly displayed on my screen (was there on the orange rom after unlock aswell). As i am not actually roaming and the phone works fine (suggesting that the unlock was at least partially succesfull) is there anyway to remove the icon?. 2) Wi-Fi, My m600 will not coonect to my home Wi-Fi unless i disable the encryption on the router (which i obviously won't do) is there any solution to this as it seems that the m600 does not like wpa/wpa2 which makes the built in Wi-Fi useless to me. :D Any help greatly Appreciated. :P
  3. Cheers Neil5459 :wub: mandt My M700 does not have that registry string ;)
  4. Hey all, not had a windows mobile device for a while but just got myself an m700 :wub: couple of questions though (sorry if they have already been asked) 1) I have a 4mb (orange world access) GPRS bundle on my tariff, but i have noticed on my phone when i connect to the net it connects as GPRS - 3G, im just wondering if this is still classed as GPRS and is covered by my bundle? 2) when i take a picture with the camera i hold the phone on its side, however the captured picture when viewed on the phone has been rotated 90 degrees to the left, is there anyway to view the pictures as the viewfinder shows them before the picture is taken? or at least an easy way to view them full screen (widescreen) Cheers ;)
  5. ahhh nice one cheers, was unaware of "press and hold" but now that i know i can see that it has various uses across the phones applications
  6. Well after a long long absence from smartphones, And MoDaCo (surprised my account never got pruned) Im back (for good) and i now have an spv m600 which so far i am very impressed with (rubbish tinny speaker aside), I do however have 1 question ;) When somebody rings you and there name/number is not already in your address book, How do you save it? i mean on all other phones ive had i could pick a number from my call history and just save it but for some reason i cant find that option on the m600 :D
  7. also, anybody know where i can get a krusells case from? my searches so far keep listing cases for a horrible looking motorola
  8. please tell me i haven't just made a huge mistake? Any major problems i should be aware of? and does it suck disturbing amounts of dust under the screen like the c500 does(or was that just mine)? Cheers
  9. Hi, there, Been away for a while and was just wondering what was new in the world of smartphones, EG: what should i be looking for to replace my c500 ? (must be a phone and not one of those pda things) Cheers Dave 8)
  10. Eeeww :exclaim: magician or not, im not trying that one :)
  11. Haha dont expect me to pull a bunny out of my hat though :)
  12. lol cheers, Lets just hope that HTC keep giving there phones reasonable names :exclaim:
  13. :) yeah! i guess i should, Feel Free to make it so :(
  14. 2.2 is due out january/february ,, ANYWAY i like the new board just came as a bit of a shock to see so many new buttons :)
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