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  1. That sounds like a huge bug!! :evil: hope it is a one off.. I noticed the usb slot is hanging on the motherboard (solderd) and not being supported by the casing so it could be that it breaks of if you presure it whilst taking out the usb cable. I will be very careful from now on just in case.. Thanxs for posting.
  2. interesting.. i thought lets look inside where the stylus goes.. it has no inner lining. you see the insides.. WOW isn't that STUPID? dirt goes in there etc.. Seems the universal is build way worse then i thought. If you push the stylus in on an angle you are touching the mainboard that cant be right!! So as advice: be careful when inserting the stylus.. ! hmmm
  3. The universal can handle anything with lightning speed as long it is written for WM5, normal Microsoft tactics.. if you install only WM5 programs all should run really fast, i have only desktopbreeze a few games and loads of sms emails en contacts synced . Great device!! Just off error reporting!! that helped me a lot!! Also checking running programs is clever.. especially after syncing. I noticed in the forums here and in other forums that most of the people who complain (80+%) have non wm5 compatible software installed. Dont use wisbar advance if you want a fast ppc, wisbar advance desktop is WM5 compatible they say but wisbar advance itself isn't!! WAY TOO BUGGY and slows the universel down increddibly.. lets hope for an update soon. Also remember people who have problems with the universal or other phones go to forums to ask/complain. It is not a fair thing to make statements about the device based upon these statistics. I have several very happy and pleased friends who don't go to forums, why should they if the universal does what they wanted! So i would deduct that only 10% of universal users go to forums, and only about half of these have probs (that is say 5%) and 80% of those have problems because of not wm5 software. So say 80% of 5% is 4% that is thus only 1% of all the phones that maybe have valid problems!!! ONLY 1% faulty??.. wow the universal is a great phone/pda!! and that 1% is in my eyes way to high, it is much lower i think in reality! hehehe
  4. Anyone found a network unlock tool for the tmobile mda pro? bit quiet about it the last few weeks.. Would love to use my mda pro with my vodafone simcard.. thing is i have bought it from ebay so i can't go to the tmobile shop or so. Greetz DvL :twisted:
  5. i noticed that 3 of mine vodafone simcards didn't work in the Universal? is there some sort of problem with the layout of the vodafone simcards?
  6. Have to say after using my mda pro for a few days now i am very happy with battery life, i can remember using my mda 2 and 3 and always having to keep my eye on the battery status. The mda pro is way more stable and i can call on it and play games for a while without having to worry about battery life. Not checked yet how long it works on a full loading. But up till now it looks very promissing, and i am sure when there will be some updates this new Universal device will rock.
  7. Love the ck3000 with my spv, got it fitted in my VW golf cabrio and works 100%. Had the 3100 before but it was too much bling bling LOL and will attract thiefs to quick (live in holland btw). I am very happy with the 3000, it is sooo stealthy and works great. A problem i had is that i bend a pin on the main controlbox (blue connector) and didn't had sound.. by fluke i found that the pin was bend and solved it by straightening it. Maybe if you have a similar problem check those long metal pins they bend easily and are not protected.. Greetz DvL
  8. There has been a method around since last year oktober to sim-unlock the E200 for free by editing the update rom before you install it.. And it seems they have done it now also for the C500. About time. 20 pounds for an E200 sim-unlock which is freely around sounds like a rip off. http://www.airfagev.com/forum_view.asp?msg_id=76135 Let florin take that E200 of their imei website and post a link to how to unlock it for free, no need to rip us modaco people of!!!! But i am sure he finds a way to ban this message haha Will post a link to the C500 sim unlock as soon i get my hand on it. Greetzz DvL :twisted:
  9. Sold my c500 to a guy here (holland) for 400 LOL then bought a new one at www.gsmstunts.nl for 295 euros, simunlocked it at imei... for 30 euros and removed the logo with a sugar cube.. Dang i got a lean mean c500 now and a nice 75 euros profit HAHAHA what i meant to say is that the sugar cube works a treat.. use masking tape to keep all the openings closed whilst rubbing. :twisted: Greetz DvL
  10. Does it crash? works fine on mine C500 :twisted:
  11. Anyone tried it on the silver version?? hehe sugarcube dangggggg so simple makes the c500 black look cool as hell :twisted: btw.. when looking at those picture with photoshop it seems to be edited where the logo should be.. hmmm fishy..
  12. CIF is an abraisive liquid people use in the kitchen to clean stuff, it is kinda rougher then displex. The stuff your mum uses to clean the pots (not the metal wool like thingy haha) Greetz DvL sugar? yeah right LOL
  13. can you show a pic how yours looks like bigblue? and what method you used? displex? Greeetzzz DvL
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