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  1. Authentication & Encryption standards supported in Black 3.5 Dymond: Open: Disabled, WEP Shared: Disabled, WEP WPA: TKIP, AES WPA-PSK: TKIP, AES WPA2: TKIP, AES WPA2-PSK: TKIP, AES I haven't tested all of these set-ups, so can't confirm if they work or not.
  2. I've been using the Holux GPSlim 236 receiver for over a year now and it's been great - very fast to get a satellite fix, very reliable and has worked with any GPS software I've tried...
  3. Have a look at this post: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=243763&st=23
  4. It seems to have resolved itself - I think that something was causing it to stick in the top-right corner. I pressed quite hard on the screen and it seems to have come back to life. I'm wondering if this is the 'gasket' issue that has been reported in the screen alignment posts. I'll see how it goes, but if it happens again I'll probably try and return it under warranty and hopefully get a later serial number version. Has anyone had there v1605 replaced? If so, how painful was the process?
  5. Help!!! My phone (v1605) has been playing up all morning and now the screen is totally unresponsive and I am only able to use the hardware buttons. I've tried several soft resests without luck. I tried to realign the screen, but my stylus taps don't register at all. I don't have any screen protector on it and have never had any alignment problems either. Anyone got any ideas? I'd rather not have to hard reset if possible!
  6. There's a .CAB file in the Extended ROM on my v1605 which looks as though it might load the Voda MMS settings - "MT_Account_MMS.CAB". NB: I have no idea what this actually does, so use it at your own risk!! I would probably advise that you take a full back up before trying it, and also install and run it from your Extended ROM. If you need to unlock the Extended ROM, there's a utility in Paul's 'Must Have FREE Software' list. Good luck! PS Can't help with the video call button issue... yet... MT_Account_MMS.CAB
  7. Speedtests were done on www.bandwidthplace.com - I did 3 and got similar results each time. I see others are reporting unreliable results using this site, so I'll try it again with another test site, eg www.dslreports.com/mspeed
  8. The line on the v1605 reads "EXEC:\Windows\SetHSDPA.exe /Disable". I have tried editing it previously, but it's Read Only and I can't find a way to get round this. Also, looking at the other programmes that are launched by this file, it looks as though it only runs at a hard reset. Running SetHSDPA.exe from a command line or shortcut with the /Enable switch seems to have worked for me...
  9. Have a look at this thread: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...mp;#entry764791
  10. What sort of speeds are you getting? I ran a test in Glasgow (G1) this evening and got a speed of 851.6 kilobytes per second! I had already done the SetHSDPA tweak a while ago, so can't confirm whether this actually changed anything - I'm just happy that it's working for me!
  11. Does anyone have the knowledge to turn this tweak into a CAB so that we can add it to Paul's list of must haves?
  12. I use a USB car charger as well and use it charge my phone, GPS receiver, iPod, PSP and anything else that can be charged from a USB cable. I picked it up from eBay ages ago for pennies... similar to this one
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