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  1. Clove.co.uk and handtec.co.uk has some pretty good deals on the HTC Legend. You also don't have to pay VAT if you're ordering outside the UK
  2. Only sounds through the speakers is crap. Using headphones is okay. I'm not an audiophile so I can't say if sounds through the headphones are great, I can only say it's okay because its comparable with the iphone 3G and my B7610. The volume is loud enough so you won't miss calls if its in your pocket though it would depend on your environment. If you're in a train, you might miss hearing it.
  3. NO bluetooth headset. :P That's the stand which is a freebie included together with the pouch and screen protector. A lot of people have been asking me about whether a Bluetooth headset is included, didn't know they were bundling it with that. Got mine from the Philippines for around $615. It has a SE local warranty. Maybe that's why other prices are around $700 upwards because the bluetooth headset is included?
  4. I can tell you that the processor is fast. As for the apps, haven't loaded any stuff yet aside from Astro File explorer and Draw. I'm not too worried about the apps working because the X10 WILL get Android 2.1 update but the real question is WHEN? Knowing Sony, I won't be surprised if it'll be next year. :P
  5. Got my hands on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10! Unboxing pics here: http://www.cellphone-reviews.co.uk/2010/03...0-unboxing.html I couldn't take unboxing videos coz I couldn't find my camcorder and even if I did, no tripod so I didn't bother looking coz I don't want to do a one-hand unboxing. First impressions: Really Fast, awesome screen resolution, great looking UI, phone is really not that big, actually fits comfortably in my hands. Will do a review soon. If there's anything you want me to test out, feel free to ask. I'm not really an expert reviewer so I might miss a couple of things, it would be great if you can point out or ask some things that I should test out or if there's some tools that I can use. :P UPDATE: Posted an initial review here: http://www.cellphone-reviews.co.uk/2010/03...x10-review.html I was a bit deflated by the news that it won't support multi touch EVER but Timescape is still great looking. For those who thinks multitouch is overrated, the x10 is actually worth a go.
  6. The guys at XDA developers seem to be doing a good job with Android on the Pro2. Does anyone know if what they're doing will work on the B7610 or is anyone doing the same project? Thanks.
  7. Nice. Been thinking about getting the HTC HD2 but without any clear indication if its getting the WP7 update, I'm holding off buying it until there's a formal announcement. My Omnia's with my husband, using the B7610 but getting an Android as well to play with until WP7 gets here. <_<
  8. I'm a bit new to android, so if you mean by native vanilla OS, if it doesn't have any skins then yes, it's native android. I have some screenshots here: http://www.cellphone-reviews.co.uk/2010/02...pica-i5700.html As far as I can remember, I don't think there was any native european language for the keyboard. It's actually a great, cheap phone.
  9. @amahfouz - I think that touchwiz 2.0 covers more winmo than touchflo 3d, although I haven't been able to get a hands-on on the diamond2 but other reviews I've seen says touchwiz 2.0 does a better job of covering up winmo than touchflo 3d. However, I think that's one of the things that turned me off the Omnia II in the first place, it just covers up too much winmo to the point that it's EXACTLY like the Samsung Jet. I wish they've used a different graphical UI on the Touchwiz 2.0 on the Omnia II
  10. I was able to get my hands on an Omnia II but I didn't like it that much. I still prefer my i900. Somehow, I'm leaning more towards the Diamond2 right now or maybe it's just me wanting a change of pace again. TouchWiz 2.0 is just a bit laggy for me but as what with the others say, hardware wise, I think the Omnia II is much better than the Diamond2. Maybe windows 6.5 would improve the Omnia II more but until then, I might be purchasing my diamond2 within the next few weeks and then upgrade once the B7610 comes around (with winmo 6.5 of course).
  11. Try clearing the cookies in the setting and visiting the website again.
  12. I had a similar problem before. I was using a very old custom ROM and I had a Vista Machine. The easiest way for me without any hex editing is the grand prix way. I've written a guide on my blog with links to several Modaco posts on where to find the files. I don't know if it's any help or even if it's understandable :D but here it is: http://www.cellphone-reviews.co.uk/2009/04...sung-omnia.html Hope it helps.
  13. Files for the XP are on this thread: http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...wrong/%E2%80%9D
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