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  1. ustguitarista

    O2 Xphone IIm

    have you set the autolock form the "o2 menu" options? you can untick it from there to disable "Auto-keylock when display off" or if you are refering to "phone lock" , just go to settings > then security .. to your xphone and disable phone lock from there
  2. ustguitarista

    How to change Order of profiles?

    yup, tanager only! ;) but if it has been re-ordered after sprite backup it means its possible somewhere in the registry to re-arrange it right? :?: anybody? tweaker dudes help pls?
  3. ustguitarista

    How to change Order of profiles?

    thanks pzee, i checked on my HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Profiles and didn't find the "order" key in each profile so I created it. I set silent to order 1 and normal to 2 then rebooted my phone.. but still it doesnt change the order when launching quickapp. ;) still trying to find out..
  4. hello, i need help pls? is it possible to change the order of each profile when you launch quick app button? after restoring with sprite backup, sometimes it jumbles the arrangement of my profiles qhen launching quickapp, which makes my autoflight program hit the wrong key when changing to silent mode (it hits the car profile). is it possible to find it in the registry? i was able to change the first four items (Power off, key lock, Device Lock, and airplane mode) on HKCU\Software\Microsoft\QuickApp\
  5. wow! thanks for the info Matx! this is just the utility i was looking for! a free app that can syncronize smartphone files to pc. it really does its job well, testing it now.
  6. ustguitarista

    AAC music on smartphone ??

    i'm not sure but you can try pvplayer
  7. ustguitarista

    tulong naman jan!!!

    kubikong naka application lock kasi yung orange, kelangan mo muna i-decertify. kelangan mo gumamit nung No Warez
  8. ustguitarista

    Theme Changer Version 4

    GREAT!! thanks a lot g4mb17! iv'e been long waiting for this :wink:
  9. Something like this would be really great for smartphones.. but i know it would be hard also for the controls :roll: http://www.pocketgear.com/software_detail.asp?id=6743
  10. is it possible to have both cheats enabled at the same time? unlimited lives while you skip level? :roll:
  11. ustguitarista

    SmartScheme SP2002/2003

    Thanks for the info Braggy! thanks greatball! waiting for the sp2002 version! ^_^
  12. hi tigernet, i would like to try also ^_^
  13. ustguitarista

    how to convert .3gp and .rm to DivX

    try this.. http://rmconverter.com/ then easily convert for beta player with this http://divx.ppccool.com/langue.php?lang=EN...3d430d87967b848
  14. ustguitarista

    my SAP after the paintjob

    Guys here's my sap now! thanks to timpanista for helping me with my sap's paint job. ^_^ IMAGE_00130.jpg IMAGE_00119.jpg IMAGE_00123.jpg IMAGE_00127.jpg
  15. ustguitarista

    BETA PLAYER, new player, BEST Player

    i experienced that problem also picard. with version .091 and .092, sometimes the backlight turns off. i just had to restart my phone again. i hope that could be fixed. this is the best video player for smartphone to me ^_^

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