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  1. Not so simple for those who choose not to use facebook/twitter.
  2. Paul, I joined the group today...do I have to stay IN the group to get counted or was that enough?
  3. As a followup to my previous post....I did find that the mmetrics software made SEVERAL unauthorized international sms's to the UK. The # was +447624806298. If yours also does this do the following: Navigate to HKLM\software\mmetrics\meter Ensure the the value is not: 1010 NOT = 447624806298 <--- this is BAD (for us in USA)
  4. Theoretically this should work...and continue to connect if disconnected until you close the internet sharing app however it will tell you it can't find the "Internet Sharing" window from the waitfor line which is what activetitle says the window IS. Run( "\Windows\IntShrUI.exe" ) WaitFor( "Internet Sharing", 15) # Errors out with window not found. SendLeftSoft ( "Internet Sharing" ) While ( wndExists( "Internet Sharing" )) If regKeyEqualsDWord "HKLM", "\Comm\InternetSharing\Status", "Enabled", 0 SendLeftSoft ( "Internet Sharing" ) EndIf EndWhile
  5. Just thought I'd mention that I have an AT&T Tilt and have for several months now...they still have me listed as "T-Mobile MDA" on their site and I installed the .cab I had from my mda and I've shown as active for last several months without issue....I have however had problems going Inactive in the past and customer service was indeed poor. I actually had to go around the world to get my signup money but at this point seems to be working on on my "TyTn II". Previously when I went "inactive" even when running the program I had to go get a newer version of the program and install it to "fix" it...figured that out on my own cause tech support didn't have a clue. Current Status: ACTIVE Next incentive scheduled for: Dec 2008 for $30.00 payment dependent on current status Incentive History Date Processed $30.00 Participation Jun 2008 $30.00 Participation Dec 2007 $30.00 Participation Jul 2007 $15.00 Installation Jan 2007 M:Panel Software Activity Log This is a record of activity generated by the software itself on your mobile phone, not a record of your activity. Year Month Kilobytes 2008 AUG 9.14 2008 JUL 30.08 2008 JUN 13.88 2008 MAY 12.73 2008 APR 16.17 2008 MAR 16.45 2008 FEB 21.54 2008 JAN 17.44 2007 DEC 24.26 2007 NOV 34.32 2007 OCT 32.10 2007 SEP 35.75 2007 AUG 25.08 2007 JUL 30.10 2007 JUN 8.72 2007 MAY 5.95 2007 APR 13.15 2007 MAR 6.76 2007 FEB 37.41 2007 JAN 81.60 2006 DEC 29.40
  6. With the addition of quickmenu it's quite usable...I only rarely need the "fake cursor" and quickmeny gives you easy navigation..a task manager to kill apps and an easy way to swap between them..the home button pulls up the start menu and holding home down does an ok/close. Some screenshots here with quickmenu: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=394252
  7. Now who knows how well black fingernail polish covers pink? All the kids around here seem to be "painting" their phones using various shades of fingernail polish and some look quite good.
  8. Thanks..ordered one from the us site..and the boxwave skin. Pink is so not my color. :D Op might want to update the post to indicate expired in UK but still valid in USA.
  9. A hot wife AND a free Kaiser...of all the luck!
  10. I just wanted to point out that rom builders could also use this tool..by providing a xml file or cab with xml in it you could be alerted when your favorite rom comes out with a new release such as when XM6R2a when to XM6R3 on the wizard. I don't know that I would want to download the 50 meg file OTA but I would like to know about it.
  11. They have scammed me enough. I have removed the program from my ppc (after reinstalling it 6 times to try to get my status out of inactive..each time with an email from their server saying it had connected), and will be pursuing my payment which is already owed. I will warn anyone I can away from this company/service.
  12. I attempted to use "contact us" to send the following but received a "server error please try later" response. ------ The history for my phone shows I joined December of 2006. That means my 6 months was up end of MAY. Even if you don't count a partial month such as December 6 months would have been end of JUNE...your system shows end of JULY as my 6 months. Additionally I still have not received payment for the 6 month period and it is now middle of august. Your system says I am in inactive status because you have not received anything from me in last 10 days. I have emails showing where I reinstalled the mmetrics meter and it talked to your server during that period of time therefore you are in error. I have already had to get into this with you to get my initial startup $15 5 months LATER and involve Paul from Modoco.com...this time I will just file a better business bureau complaint for false advertising and send a copy to the attorney general for your area with copies of your own history log and the emails received from your server. Year Month Kilobytes 2007 JUL 30.10 2007 JUN 8.72 2007 MAY 5.95 2007 APR 13.15 2007 MAR 6.76 2007 FEB 37.41 2007 JAN 81.60 2006 DEC 29.40 Emails received from your server verifying connectivity: MobilePanel Support Inbox, rvp.ej ‎M:Panel Confirmation - … M:Metrics Team [email protected] 4:55 pm MobilePanel Support Inbox, rvp.ej ‎M:Panel Confirmation - … M:Metrics Team [email protected] Aug 3 MobilePanel Support (2) Inbox, rvp.ej ‎M:Panel Confirmation - … M:Metrics Team [email protected] Aug 1 MobilePanel Support Inbox, rvp.ej ‎M:Panel Confirmation - … M:Metrics Team [email protected] Jul 29 Smart M:Panel Support Inbox, rvp.ej ‎Participation Incentive Update - … Smart M:Panel Support [email protected] Jul 3 M:Panel Confirmation Inbox rvp.ej Reply Reply to all Reply to allForward Forward Print Add MobilePanel to Contacts list Delete this message Report phishing Show original Message text garbled? from MobilePanel Support hide details Aug 3 to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX date 3 Aug 2007 01:53:43 -0700 subject M:Panel Confirmation Dear XXXXXXXXXX, Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Smart M:Panel software on your phone. As a Smart M:Panel member you will receive your first activation payment of $15 within 45 days. If you do not receive this please let us know by replying to this email. Our Smart M:Panel members also receive $5 and an additional entry in our 40"LCD HDTV sweepstakes for each month as an active panelist. Ongoing incentives are paid every six months, and one lucky LCD HDTV winner is selected every three months. You may check your status at any time by going to http://www.mobilepanel.com and logging in with your user name and password. Thank you for participating in the Smart M:Panel and helping to shape the mobile Internet. The M:Metrics Team [email protected]
  13. Well I joined Dec of last year...so really if you don't even count Dec my 6 months should have been up end of JUNE. Their website claims JULY for some reason...ok one month and part of another lost I suppose...but it's the middle of August and I've still not seen my check...how long does it take? [ I ask because I didn't get my signup check until not to long ago because my paperwork had been "misplaced."
  14. http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1211308
  15. ..and for those who want WM6 on their MDA (Vario) you can always try http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=315178 If you install WM6 on your MDA the new WING really doesn't have any advantages.
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