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  1. I know that this phone has been released in a few other countries, and im guess the delay for australia and the uk is because we use pal at 25 fps instead of ntsc at 30fps. anyway, here's a few questions for those that have it or those that somehow would know anyway. 1.I've heard a new 4gb miniSD is now available and i wanted to ask if there is any theoretical limit for the n93 that would prevent it from using this card. 2.I'm also wondering if the phone doesn't have a stylus or anything like that, how do you browse the internet on simbian? do you do the equivalent of alt tabbing, or do you move a mouse around with a joystick? 3.my bigggest problem with this phone is it doesn't have a hard drive. haha. wishfull thinking i know. but a good possibility is maybe developing a card reader that could plug directly into it that would allow you to play music off a 8-10 gb CF card. is this possible through java on the phone? 4.what does it enable you to do when you "unlock" a phone? if anyone has any idea on how to possibly expand the accessible space on the phone I'd be very greatfull.
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