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  1. Hey all I live in an area with good signal strength (I'm on t-mobile) but in my house it is like the black hole of calcutta as the signal is awful. A mates iPhone had a slightly better signal here and another mate with an old nokia had a better signal on voda. Any suggestions on a handset that is known to be good for signal strength? Also need a new handset. cant afford the new iPhone and always prefer 12 month contracts. tmob will give me pretty much anyphone if I stay with them but need something with good signal! Would prefer something like the G2 or iPhone esk. I understand that the HTC Magic is the new G2 but cant find any info on this site or the android site about it?? Any ideas if its anygood? That would mean going to voda and on an 18month contract but that might be ok. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. mickthetree

    G2 When is it out?

    Hi there My phone is soon up for renewal and I had a look at the G1, but I noticed its been out a while and there is talk of the G2. Unfortunately most search features dont allow searches for less than 4 characters so searching for info on it is hard. Spoke to t-mobile and they couldn't offer any info as to when the G2 will be out, but I've seen some photos on the web of it so I assume its coming soon?? Anyone have any info.
  3. mickthetree

    t-mobile smtp doesnt work and no fix in site

    This is the bit I really dont understand. How can it work for some people and not for others??? Again, I just pinged it and it times out. Can anyone else try this? "ping smtp.t-email.co.uk" from the command prompt My hosting company did say: We use lists operated by SpamHaus and SpamCop so if the IP address that you connect with is listed in either of their databases you will not be able to send email until it is removed. So if t-mobiles smtp server is running through an IP address that is blacklisted (which is likely seeing as so many people are sending from it) then it wont allow it to send. you can try "tracert smtp.t-email.co.uk" from the command prompt and it will tell you where its getting held up. ok, I just tried that and it traces all the way to Deutsche Telekom AG who own t-mobile. So it IS getting to their networks before being stopped. I'm very interested in speaking with the directors office again to share my findings.
  4. mickthetree

    t-mobile smtp doesnt work and no fix in site

    t-mobile just got me to try smtp.britishlibrary.org.uk but it said server could not be found. I have a domain name digitalhand.co.uk and it has its own smtp server which is mail.digitalhand.co.uk its run by heartinternet and they also provide smtp.outitgoes.com as an alternative. neither of which work. neither does smtp.t-email.co.uk I have just tried to ping smtp.t-email.co.uk from my machine and request times out everytime. They are calling me back in a sec to see how I got on with the british library one. EDIT She said that it is only an issue for certain customers. it is not localised (ie only in certian areas) but just does not work for some customers. Their SMTP server is an old server left over from when they used to offer an email service. She said that it is still down and no date for fixing. The directors secretary did say that if it is not going to be fixed then they will offer me a refund, but I just want it to work! They have told me that the only course of action now is to contact my email provider (heartinternet) and see if they offer an SMTP server which will allow me to send email via t-mobile???? Paul
  5. mickthetree

    t-mobile smtp doesnt work and no fix in site

    Guys!! Thanks for all of your assitance. I didnt get any email notification from modaco so assumed no-one had replied. I wrote a letter to the head of T-mobile and have just got off the phone to his secretary. (not a bad start) She wasn't technically minded, but was very understanding and she said she couldn't believe herself that this was the case. She is taking it very seriously, but addmitted that it is a known issue with the technical dept. She said that she is going to investigate and get back to me. I have tried smtp.t-email.co.uk with no sucess.
  6. Hi All haven't been on here for a while but came to find info about t-mobile smtp server issues and found a few people saying the same about other networks as well. Just got a new Sony Ericsson K660i and was told that I could "do your email with this phone". Been trying in vain to setup pop3. It recieves fine, but just wont send. Just got off the phone to tech support and this guy says: (hold onto your hats).... tech support: "yes sir, I know what you are going to say. This is because t-mobile's SMTP server has been down for over a month and there is no solution to this at the moment." Me: "So when is it going to get fixed?" tech support: "a request has been made for an investigation but nothing has happened as yet and to be honest with you I don't think it will" :D :( :o :lol: So I call business customer support and begin to explain the situation. The very nice lady stops me short and says: nice business customer support lady: "I know what you are going to say, you cant send emails because of the SMTP server not working" :lol: :lol: :lol: :( me: "yes thats correct, I was sold a phone on the premise that I could "do my email" but I cannot send email with it?? nice business customer support lady: "Sir, I am very sorry and I know it sounds pathetic but there is nothing I can do about it." me: "ok so you are obviously frustrated with the situation as well, so who do I speak to about it?" nice business customer support lady: "you have 2 options, cancel the contract or write to customer administration and say you are not happy and want some sort of monetary compensation. I mean you are not getting the service you paid for so you are well within your rights." I have just received an email from her with the address to write to and she has ended "good luck!" I fear for my sanity with this one. Anyone else want to have a rant about the situation??? I'm preparing a letter to them now. Paul
  7. mickthetree

    Removing email accounts Vario II

    Hey! Geat stuff! Thanks for your help. That worked.
  8. mickthetree

    Removing email accounts Vario II

    Hey, thanks for your help. I am trying that now, but the second the stylus touches the screen on the list of accounts, it goes into that account, so doesnt give me an oppertunity to choose any options on it. Am I looking at the correct list?? Its the one when I click on messagin that I can drop down and it has MMS and Text Messages and I can expand each one and click on the inbox, outbox etc.... Or is there another screen I should be looking for??
  9. I'm obviously missing something here, but how do I remove an email account from my PPC. I added some through email wiz, to try it out more than anything, but now I cant figure out how to remove the ones I dont want on there.
  10. Hi Firstly is there any FTP software for windows mobile 5 and if so, has anyone got any suggestions of good FTP software that I can use on my Vario II ??
  11. mickthetree

    T-Mobile Web 'n' Walk + Flext

    Yeah I found that page on T-Mobiles site yesterday too, just been looking for it, but cannot find it. Anyone got a link? I'm just about to place an order with them but want to make sure I get the right WnW package!
  12. Am I ever really going to use 2gb of data on my mobile? Ok so I know this is completely dependent on what I use the device for, but for general web browsing, email (getting the odd attachment), controlling some web content management (fairly low bandwidth) am I ever really going to use 2GB? I have a friend who has a 2GB capped limit on his home broadband. He is always online and never has a problem and thats on a PC! I have a 30GB capped limit on my home broadband so I dont know what 2GB will actually get me. Has anyone ever reached their cap on WNW so far? Is there a way to see how much data you have left at any one time? That would be good! Oooo, one last question, when I use exchange mail on the device, if someone sends me a 12MB file for example, does it actually get pushed to the device or do I have to physically open up the email and download the attachment? This seems like the obvious way it would work, but wanted some confirmation. Cheers!
  13. mickthetree

    Camera 'flash' as torch

    On my Sonyerricson w800i, with the keypad lock on, I open the shutter for the camera then press * and the torch comes on. Quickest way I have found of turning it on as a torch.
  14. mickthetree

    Does anyone use an exchange provider?

    Hi does anyone have exchange setup to access their emails (using their PDA) and do you pay a company for this such as BT, 1and1, fasthosts etc, or do you have your own server? I have been looking at the cost of this and about
  15. mickthetree

    UK data coverage

    So vodaphones website claim they have 73% of the UK covered with 3G. Do all the different opperators (O2, 3, orange etc) use the same network or will I have less 3G signal on T-mobile than I would on vodaphone? Also, if I'm surfing the web, say on a train, firstly is this practical? and will it automatically switch to the best signal around? Or am I leaving in a dream world, that I'm going to be able to wonder around the UK with internet and email access and lovely pink fluffy clouds everywhere and my PDA finding me the best signal??? As thats what I want to achieve.

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