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  1. Yeah your one seems a "legitimate" break that would have broken anything, but there are loads of reports of scratching and breakage from incidents that shouldn't be causing it to break.
  2. I'm thinking about ordering a Streak from Dell this week but the spate of screen breakages that are being reported are putting me off a bit.
  3. Thanks guys, used the program and its rooted and upgraded to 2.2 now brilliantly!
  4. I've got stuck at "Quietly Brilliant" screen also using a rom "cooked" from here, I didn't add anything else to it, is there anything I can have done wrong? I can confirm that the root has worked fine.
  5. Yeah please ask about the device source code as I fear that without that we will wait a while for new development.
  6. Ok, I have a T-Mobile locked and branded Desire and so trying to create a Goldcard but it just gives me Permission Denied when trying to get the CID, what am I doing wrong? I have followed the steps to the T
  7. Looks like I might be simply swapping my Desire for a Streak from someone who can't get on with it, but it is locked to O2, am I able to just get a 30 day mobile broadband sim and use that?
  8. Can anyone comment on the sound quality / volume mainly through earphones I'm interested in but also has anyone tried bluetooth earphones?
  9. Just wondering if we're likely to get any newer versions of Android running on the Streak, 2.1 or 2.2 unofficially as its been rooted before we have to wait for an official upgrade?
  10. Cheers guys, I know that we're meant to be getting an upgrade to 2.1/2.2 at some point, probably same time as the Desire eventually gets it! But whats the chance of getting something sooner as a result of the streak being rooted?
  11. I've seriously considering selling my HTC Desire and buying the Streak. I use my Desire more as an internet device than a phone as I have a Nokia E72 that I use for all my calls and texting, the Desire is really for music, movies, email and the internet. Just wondering if anyone else has made the move from Desire or Nexus One to the Streak and how have you found it? Chris
  12. I've been close to buying one too but I think I will wait until the hardware matures a little, Android OS looks good but not so keen on the G1.
  13. I believe they still do the WnW+ at least I was led to believe so by someone in T-Mobile Today, although they did mention that they thought T-Mobile might be going like O2, Unlimited Data for Google G-1 and the FUP of 1Gb for everything else,
  14. I've had a variety of devices recently, iPhone 3G, Symbian, etc but its quite a while since I last had a Windows Mobile device. Now when I had my Vario Opera Mobile transformed the internet browsing experience and was far and away above Internet Explorer mobile. I've been using the iPhone for browsing and its great apart from the notable featues, lack of copy/paste, flash, java and the touchscreen can be fiddly at times. I was just wondering if there are any Windows Mobile devices which properly support streaming video online, such as that on the BBC Website? Regards Chris
  15. Its really only the WnW thats making me hold off and see what T Mobile get available, Orange Data is rubbish or I'd have got a Blackberry Bold by now!
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