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  1. Scrap that! It is now working, it wouldn't take a new ROM until the battery was literally at 100%...very bizarre, but worth noting!!! Sorry for the unnecessary post... Mike
  2. Hi Everyone! :) I got my T-Mobile MDA Vario today...woohoo! I really like it, it's in nice condition and am generally pleased... HOWEVER, I tried to put the latest ROM version on the unit today (the official one from TMOB) but it doesn't appear to work. Basically as soon as I go through the update utility and proceed with the update, the screen on the unit turns off and the PC can no longer connect to it, so naturally the wizard just fails. I have hard reset the device before attempting an update. Any idea's or advice would be MUCH appreciated!! Thanks, Mike
  3. Thanks for that, sounds like good advice! I didn't realise you could get around all of the software installing like that, I thought it would just keep on trying until you let it proceed... ROCK ON!!! :D Thanks Mike
  4. Hi Everyone :) I've just bought a T-Mobile MDA Vario (not arrived yet) and due to past experiences would rather get rid of the T-Mobile ROM if I can... I have heard online that it is possible to load the Qtek 9100 ROM on this device, and wondered if anyone had any warnings or recommendations as to what the best ROM actually is? (I'm not asking for download links!) I can't stand the T-Mobile "customise to high hell" attitude that they seem to take, so I just wondered if anyone has any recommendations or experiences with the Qtek 9100 ROM? Thanks, Mike
  5. Hi Pierre, I had exactly the same problem with my T-Mobile SDA-II, basicaly every few calls you just hang, and if you wait long enough it comes up with "The operation failed"..? That's what I used to get, but it took so long I used to whip the battery out...I recently sent off to HTC, and they took about a week and a half and just reflashed the same ROM (available on the T-Mob site) back on the phone which annoyed me...grrr.. Touch wood, I haven't had a call go wrong again yet, but I will definitely let you know about the Russian keyboard. Thanks, Mike
  6. Not a dippy question at all, I thought the same. It doesn't allow you to select a T9 language on the phone, assumably because it's been told not to, or only has one language. However, I looked in the registry and set it there but it didn't make any difference. There is software on the market aimed specifically at Russian language, because versions of smartphone software don't cater for it I don't think. I think what QTEK have done, is to take the standard ROM image and then "hot wire" it so that it thinks the English language is actually Russian, I belive the phone thinks it s "speaking English" but is actually using Russian instead. If I search for 0409 on the handset (the U.S. English Microsoft code) on the phone there are several files (more than several, maybe 20?) which have filename.0409.exe.mui appended to them, so I am wondering if they have modified some files to Russian themselves, then just renamed the English ones as backups, I may try renaming a few files here and there to try and get the 0409 versions used, and hope that this puts some things back to English. Hope everyone had a good weekend! Mike
  7. Hi Pondrew, In all honesty I can't vouch for differences between the Orange rom as I have never put it on... Obviously the branding etc on the phone is QTEK but the line up of standard aps is as follows: Messaging (SMS & MMS) Internet Explorer ActiveSync MSN Messenger Caller Photo ID JAVA Runtime Pocket MSN Video Recorder WMP10 I know that's all pretty standard, that's why I wanted the QTEK Rom, because I was aware that it wouldn't have too much junk or customisation like the TMOB rom... Once I have the language thing figured (hopefully) it will be just as I want it... :) Mike
  8. OK Pondrew thanks for clarifying, sincerely noted... I realise the QTEK 8200 was only released on Russia but hardware and (most) software wise it's just the same as the T-Mobile phone. What I am after is for someone who knows to tell me what files/registry settings (or even files) control the input language on a Windows Smartphone? Ta', Mike
  9. I tested it! I did it this evening and it installs and runs like a dream, recommended! (On my T-Mob SDA II) No having to change ANYTHING, you run the EXE, (its in English), the update happens and you have a QTEK ROM in about 5 minutes. Now, it has Russian menus etc at first which can be changed through regional settings, but my keyboard/keypad has stayed russian...trying to figure that one out now! But YES it DOES work, WELL! :) (And is quicker than original TMob ROM). :D
  10. Hi There, The English Character set itself is actually present, all menus and everything else are all now in English, fully working! The problem is only the keyboard, when you enter text in to a number field, it is fine, but when in a text field, it inputs russian characters instead. There is a utility (http://smartphone-software.penreader.com/InterKey.html) which allows me to use the keyboard for English characters, but predictive text does not work. If anyone has any good ideas or useful info please let me know. Thanks & Regards, Mike Also sorry I just re-read my own post above, I wasn't going to directly offer a link on Modaco, I understand the rules of such things.
  11. Hi All! I "acquired" a Russian Qtek 8200 ROM today and installed it on my T-Mob SDAII. I have set the regional settings back to being English UK and all is well, I can navigate the phone again, all the default stuff is there (with NO t-mob crap) and it is surprisingly quicker I am pleased to say. However, I have a problem/question...when I write a text message I get Russian characters rather than English, I was expecting this because I assume I have a russian keyboard driver installed, can anyone supply me with an english keyboard driver with instructions of where/how to put it on the phone? EDIT please read the site rules before posting. Thanks, Mike
  12. Hey, I have exactly the same troubles with my phone, in terms of the T button and calls failing when you dial out. Firstly, the calls thing, if it is the same as mine it comes up with "Operation Failed" ? It will carry on, I haven't fixed it or anything, lol. I find the bluetooth is pretty good but it performs better for me when it is discoverable which is annoying. When I first got the phone, it also kept resetting it's home screen and menu view back to the default of pink with a tmob background, grrr, but I fixed that by deleting an exe file which was being called when Windows started up. The Tmob button can be re-directed to anything you like on the phone, BUT, it isn't really worth it to be honest because when you reboot, this phone flashes its settings back to a certain state, including putting the shortcut back to being to opera.exe...so useless. The problem with these phones is that someone at T-Mobile is like a kid in a sweet shop, and when they get the prototype they customise the phone to such a shite level that it runs slow, has errors goes wrong and generally performs worse than if it just had Windows Smartphone on it. Did you know you should have the Office Apps on this phone, Pocket Word etc? T-Mobile hide those up pretty well! You have a customised vers. of Pocket Outlook on there already though you'd never tell. Why don't you want to use Activesync or "Microsoft Software" in general? I am ver y pro-Micrososft and ActiveSync works great...give it a go...you will be able to explore your phones memory via your PC and have a play :rolleyes: For all these issues, I have finally got peeved, I complained to T-Mobile who took me relatively seriously, and I am now in touch with HTC who will do SOMETHING with my phone, if you want to call them theur number is 08712-230217. Good Luck!!! Mike
  13. Hi Pondrew, Thanks for the message, you certainly know your stuff! It's a shame about the T-Mobile ROM being the only one available but I was half expecting it, I notice on the T-Mobile website that it mentions the next release is "Coming Soon". Do you know if this is just a case of they put that there months ago and nothing ever appeared or is the new one likely to be there soon? I don't suppose there is any way of editing the images very easioly? Like getting rid of the T-Mobile animation at the startup and shutdown? Thanks :) Mike
  14. Hi Richard, I have linked to the picture (because it's big I didn't attach it) of my phone, if this clarifies what the phone is and helps in anyway I would be very interested in how to make it...erm, "not t-mobilised"...haha... Thanks in advance to all! Mike >>>>> Picture
  15. Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies. I looked on the page but couldn't see the SDA II...which is what I have, I purchased it no more than maybe a month ago so it's the current one on www.tmobile.co.uk. Should I post a serial number or picture of the phone or something if it would help workout exactly which phone it is? :) Mike
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