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  1. hav u flashed without the bundled CSC? if u have not flash with this CSC, the volume control got problem.
  2. hi there, its an interesting concept to hav a pico projector in a camerafone.. but do take note of the specs n probably e reviews of e projector before committing.. a normal classroom size project has a lumens of ard 1000, whereas the one on Beam stated to hav a lumens of 7 wait for the confirm specs or e projector would b quite useless in daily usage
  3. there isnt many high quality games for android at the moment.. so if u getting becos of games, probably checkout their marketplace before committing ur purchase
  4. i flashed JC1 pda with XXIJ9 csc. its in chinese intially after that go to the language change setting and select the 2nd language listed to change the rom to english one issue thou is the samsung xt9 is missing, other than that, everyting works as great per JC1 :) e new media player wif stretched album art
  5. i have managed to flash the JC1 with other CSC and switch the language to english... you could follow the steps below if you cant read chinese... anyway, summarising the steps, select the 2nd language option (regardless of the language stated) listed in language change setting. and the fone will reset with english rom <_< 1. Go to Samsung Settings, 三星設定 (could identify by the usual grey gear with blue ring) 2. Press the top right grey right arrow button 3. Press the grey button, 查看更多 , after DviX (at the bottom of the list) 4. Press the last option, 語言變更 , with an icon of a globe and the letters 'ABC' 5. Now select the second item on the list irregardless of the language stated there 6. The screen will show some instructions. Scroll to the bottom and press the grey button at the end. 7. Input '1234' without the quotes and press the Left softkey to confirm the change of language Tested with I8000XSOIJ2 CSC btw
  6. actually i hav i hav tired using the automatic configurations, but goin to the connection settings, its all empty tried setting up the connections manually also opera and IE could connect to gprs however, all other applications straightaway gives connection error, could not connect hav not been able to resolve tis issue at the moment
  7. would like to add more changes of the rom - touchwiz mainmenu could be enabled via the settings, so Start button could launch the mainmenu app directly. no way to disable touchwiz sms skin still.. - touchwiz file explorer is slightly faster now, improved interface in some of the functions - media player has new skin, larger album art display. a favourite button on the player screen to add it to the favourite playlist. tap on the album art to reveal the volume controls and repeat options. - volume controls has 15 levels while media player is active, and 5 levels elsewhere - new skin for radio app in landscape mode - large indicator now has the option to turn on bluetooth and wifi directly
  8. u hav to press the play button or the digitalframe will stays at the first foto.. navigation software is bundled with the omnia depending on the region it is released, do check wif ur retailer if one is included
  9. has anyone manage to complete the game?? i'm stuck at the premium cup trials as it does not show up at all
  10. hi there juz tested ur app on i8000 wm6.5 it doesnt work properly wif wm6.5 if the fone is locked, den ur app will stay below 6.5 lockscreen, only manage to cover the top row indicators otherwise, ur app comes up b4 the screen blanks off, but it doesnt return to the lockscreen after tapping on it
  11. not sure abt windows 7 64bit but NPS definately work for win 7 32 bit, at least on my machine if you intend to upgrade via NPS, do download the 1.4 version from samsungmobile website.. there's a 1.2 version posted on the same webby also... u hav to dl the 1.4 as nps 1.2 could not update itself to 1.4
  12. hi there, i'm using touchplayer still.. i hav tested the ur app once wif few english songs added to the library and everyting works well.. but after adding korean n chinese songs, ur app juz crash upon starting up.. so my guess is tt ur app is unable to fetch those korean/chinese songs titles... ps, those songs r located in non-english folders either.. initially there were only 10+ songs, but now there are hundreds over, with many non-english songs.. hope tt helps identifying the problem =)
  13. hi bro it is a nice app to have but i realise ur app will crash wif the library contains unicode characters, could you enable unicode support for your app? thx
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