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  1. i was able to install it but after tapping the icon to open it, it says it is either not signed or one of its components cannot be found
  2. hey everyone, where can i get a flash player that will install on my MDA?, everyone i try it says "this is not a valid win32 application" or something else just as annoying, any help thanks
  3. hey everyone, how do i enable javascript for my MDA so i can view youtube videos, etc?
  4. thanks for the file ill try it out, by the way do u know of a way to open attachments from my mda? this way i can install this cab quicker
  5. Hey all i was wondering is there a way to open attachments from hotmail on my mda?
  6. Hey all im still having trouble disabling the text message sent pop up, i have the phm regedit and used it but there is no SMSNoSentMsg values, all thats under local machines is Software/Microsoft/Inbox and the three folders are Ldapinfo, Senddriver, and Svc but under Svc is a folder named SMS with some string values and couple binary values, any help would be appreciated thanks Sam
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