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  1. I've got O's M3100 (same phone), I also have 2Gig MicroSD and have had the same problem with the Media Player picking up the storage card. On initial sync. it's fine, plays well for hours. Then when I leave it alone for a bit, Media Player won't reconginise the Storage Card, but Explorer does. So far, I've been reformatting the MicroSD and resyncing with desktop Media Player. I'm currently on my third go and it's working fine at the moment but next time I will look for 'msmetadata' and delete as suggested. But surely this is a software fault that needs a permanent fix?
  2. Ok, sorted it myself, but for those who get the same problem; don't restart PC when prompted to do so, say you'll do it later. Then SKTools installs, then restart PC manually...hey presto. Now I've just got to fiure out what it does. Is it safe to delete registry problems etc.?
  3. I've had a go too. No problems text chat and voice via WiFi.
  4. I have managed to install SPB GPRS Monitor on my M3100, no problem. Then I wanted to install SKTools (trial). I followed all of the instructions (downloaded file to desktop; connected and sync'd to PC; ran setup.exe; restarted PC), but nothing appeared on the M3100. Why? Where could I have gone wrong, please help.
  5. Thanks for your advice, do you know if there is a 3G/GPRS data counter which separates WiFi?
  6. No, (don't think so anyway, how do I check). I just want regular email retrieval, regular internet and maybe a bit of skype chat via WiFi. PS: are there any essential/cool software downloads, game recommended etc. Excuse my ignorance, I am new to pocket PC's but loving it.
  7. Need a bit of advice, just to make sure I don't receive a huge bill... Got my M3100 from Orange, it's great. Connected to WiFi at home no problems...but when I'm on the net both WiFi icon and 3G icon are present. Will the phone be defaulting to Wifi? How do I check? I am determined not to get stung for mega-bucks by O.
  8. Where are pictures of the pink Vario II?
  9. What is the largest microSD we can put in the Vario II?
  10. DEMO: http://www.mobilewhack.com/reviews/htc_tyt...one_review.html T-mobiles WnW sounds very restrictive...no skype, no video download, no streaming, no file sharing, etc....are you sure this is a good deal. What else is the internet for?
  11. I've been tracking this phone for a while...want it really bad. T-mobile tarifs look great but their 'Hot-spots' thing, will I be able to use wi-fi from my home wireless router? and will I incur an additional charge from T-mobile for this? Please advise.
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