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  1. Same problem... new apps (google restores previous apps) appear in the desktop but the app drawer, the phone icon, etc, are missing. I even did a factory reset from CWM after upgrading, but still Trebuchet is a lame duck. Settings, apps, all apps, trebuchet, force stop & erase data, press HOME fixed it.
  2. It must be based on then. It had to be based on one that runs on android 2
  3. If the prices mentioned in the linked last years story is correct, then the UK maps are only 19.36% off not 40% off as the headline states. I'm not sure if TomTom are being sneaky and changed their price after Paul posted the story, or if UK maps recently sold for £41.65 (making 40% off) instead of the £30.99 they sold for last year.
  4. I got a Samsung SIII mini for £170 from Argos
  5. Is it legal in the UK to list something as "SALE" but not the price it previously sold at? I think not... The play store lists the sale price but not the original price
  6. I see UK coming in at £24.99, not the £17.99 that the article states. (boo, hiss, etc)
  7. I think I am lost. My error was not making sure I could get CWM booted from direct power on, instead I booted from ROM Manager. Now unless I can find an update.app that will actually update there is nothing I can do. I understand that these must be signed so I can't make a custom one. Even +/- power without the battery just leaves me on a pink screen I tried putty on the COM7 that gets created under windows, but putty just bleeps at me and refuses to open the console. Time for a new phone I think - the power button was dodgy anyway.
  8. I just busted my phone... I had done a restore to original MFG, then the upgrade to latest MFG, then the proper unlock code form huawei, then clockword mod. Then I ran the update zip for the first step to resize partition and chose reboot recovery; only instead of restarting clockwordmod it tried to run the update.app from dload folder. I had skipped th install bootloader step as my bootloader was unlocked but now I think I must have needed that step. And now, after my custom splash screen, I just get a blue screen unless there is a dload folder but that always fails. I've tried all the varioud dload folders I have, ics, gb, hack; but all the system will do is unpack and then fail on step 2. I can't re-install clockwork cos fastboot isn't working. I only get blue screen or update attempt. When on the blue screen windows recognizes the device as an * android modem * DB Adaptor reserved interface * Composite USB device As my custom bootscreen loads, any tips on what I can do to recover?
  9. I think I thought animations weren't disabled because swipe-turning still animated. But button-turning does not. Thanks again!
  10. You may need to do chkdsk or fsck to fix filesystem errors or reformat that file system(don't do the wrong one!)
  11. Mine often does not ring for calls and often reboots. I think this may be due to how I unlocked it. I think I need to factory restore entirely so that the boot loader is locked and then unlock with a code. I haven't worked out how to do this. My understanding is that if you unlock with a code then you may get more success. Otherwise don't
  12. So the upgrade spell is: 1. Upgrade but don't reboot 2. Install link2int again 3. Reboot 4. Use link2int to re-link applications and then libraries 5. Update back to latest link2sd via play so that encrypted apps will work Maybe 4 and 5 should be the other way around
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