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  1. So we have to go back to GB and do all the stress again? :) I remember how I struggled last time :)
  2. Wohoooo: http://www.engadget.com/2011/11/02/optimus-2x-to-receive-ice-cream-sandwich-update-lg-confirms/
  3. Having random reboots when navigation and downloading. This is on the 1.6 - Custom Neoblaze 21092011b Kernel with EXT4 version of 20E
  4. Installed this on a clean wipe and says out of space when trying to install anything from the market.
  5. Update: Asus finally called me after I complained to them again. They have promised to help me, but need to find out where my Transformer is now. When they find it they're gonna send it to Asus Holland and exchange it there. Was told it can take up to 2-3 weeks for this to be resolved.......
  6. Update: Asus Nordic didn't call. Not shocked. Status Asus mail I answered to: Close!
  7. New update today. Got an email from Asus Nordic to confirm my phone number. They want to call me tomorrow tuesday to resolve this case.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Case looks nice.
  9. Update: My TF is still not fixed. Got email from Asus Nordic on 30th of august. They said if nothing was resolved 2 days later they would look into replacement or money back. Just before 30 days (from when workshsop said they started trying to repair it) had passed workshop went bankrupt. Workshop tried for almost 2 weeks to fix my TF after getting a new motherboard, but they couldn't install Android on it (recovery). Probably came with Android 2.2 and they couldn't install Android 3.0 on it. They wouldn't tell. I sent email and called them on the 02. of september. Asus Nordic said on the phone I had to wait for email answer or I could complain on the following monday (this was a friday). Didn't hear anything on monday so I called and filed a complaint. Was told I would get an answer within 48 hours. Didn't hear anything within the 48 hours so I called again on monday. Asus Nordic on the phone didn't have any news so I had to file another complaint. Later the same day I got an email from Asus Nordic and the now claimed "force majeure" and they told me I had to give them more time. I've asked them with email 3 times what the next step is, but when I go online to check for status it only says: Close! Called Asus Nordic today friday 09.09.11 and they then said they couldn't find any complaints from me at all that I filed on monday and wednesday this week. Had to file a new complaint again. The story goes on. :(
  10. If you don't know this maybe you should read a lot about flashing custom roms on android devices before trying this guide. It's very easy to go wrong and then your Flyer would be destroyed.
  11. Put the file stock-hc-flyer-radio.img in same folder as abd and fastboot files.
  12. Looks cool, but a bit "expensive" :)
  13. Paul: I can send sms ok, but not receive. Could you check if it works for you?
  14. JosephPC: looks like revolutionary-cwm- file is defective. Did you check MD5? Maybe redownload?
  15. You should go to the topic here and ask: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1062184
  16. Speaking for myself here, but I always check these things before I start changing roms and flash in case I need info in the future. If you didn't check this I would ask in the Modaco irc channel in irc.freednode.net server.
  17. Think you need the stock RUU that came with you wi-fi Flyer. You need to double check, but think it could be this: RUU_Flyer_HTC_WWE_Wifi_1.36.1114.32_Radio_20.3501. 30.089BU_3809.05.04.10_M_release_191235_signed You'll find it on XDA here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1062184 But as I said double check if this is the right one for your wi-fi version.
  18. Paul wrote: A member in IRC (Raio) has followed the guide successfully on his WiFi Flyer. ----------------------- Need to do the guide from Step 1 and follow ALL the steps till the end.
  19. Think you have skipped step 9: Flash your device's radio with the Honeycomb radio with the fastboot command 'fastboot flash radio stock-hc-flyer-radio.img'
  20. Just out of curiosity Paul. Will you post a guide on how to get back to GingerBread as well some time in the future?
  21. Nobody seem to get this rom to boot. Guess we'll have to wait till Paul gets his Flyer and can do his magic. :)
  22. Update: TF still at workshop. Took almost a week before workshop registered TF as received for service. Took almost a week to find it again because it got lost there. Motherboard had to be replaced againg. They ordered a new one. Workshop got motherboard and ordered Recovery software from Asus. Asus sent recovery same day. Workshop said still waiting for recovery. A few days after I call workshop and they say still waiting for motherboard and not arrived. Sent email to Asus today and they say I'll have to wait 30 days before they can offer replacement. My TF has been at the workshop from beginning of june 2011. Swiftly back for 2 days at my home but was defective same day when I got it. I ordered RMA same day. So I'm sitting here not even got to use my TF and have to wait at least another week before I can ask for a replacement. Any hints what to do here? Still don't have Facebook. Edit: Tried to get a friend to post on Facebook on http://www.facebook.com/asus.uk but wont allow people outside UK to post it seems.
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