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  1. Did you edit on a HTC Desire or a Transformer?
  2. Can this editing be done on a phone build.prop? Nexus One? My Transformer is stuck in customs. :P
  3. No clue. :P Spanish and Danish I've read is there, but not tested myself. Think I'll wait for Paul to do his magic. :rolleyes:
  4. MeX_DK: Did you try full wipe, nandroid restore and flash rom zip with same version as what your backup have? Then try to boot.
  5. Spain 10c rom from May is here: http://www.fileserve.com/file/cj5mYpj/BIN_...Y-05-2011+0.zip
  6. What's better with the launcher in this rom Paul? Visually better or performace wise? Or both? :P
  7. Was using PimpMyCpu with sleep underclocking. Uninstalled PimpMyCpu and rebooted and all seems good now.
  8. I have the same. Very annoying. Running Google Lockscreen and removed Car Home, Facbook (LG) and some other LG apps. Using MCK kernel r14 with overlocking / undervolt support and 64MB RAM hack
  9. LG in Norway said bugfix firmware was sent to some internal testing last week and if ok they would release it within 2 weeks.
  10. Well not easy to say why the reboot came since I didn't do anything. :mellow: Will keep an eye on the phone to see if it happens again. :o
  11. Just had a reboot on my phone with Fr14. Was not touching the phone when it rebooted.
  12. On MCR Fr12 and there's an update for Gingerbread keyboard out on market. Cannot upgrade to that version. Tried downloading many times. Uninstalled the keyboard and then I cannot install becuase of upgrade failure. Anyone else with this "bug"?
  13. My 2X on Fr12 doesn't charge while on through the usb, but charges if I turn it off.
  14. Can't seem to edit any of my APNs. Looks like I'll have to delete them and add all by myself.
  15. I have same problem here. Cannot send or receive mms. Tried stocksms/mms program and GoSMS Pro Can send and receive mms if I put simcard in a different phone.
  16. Will try without Car Home as that's a program I have always had in my rom, but never uses. Thanks for the tip Trym.
  17. http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/14/lg-opti...ne-or-july-say/ Not the news I wanted to see.
  18. Getting a few errors like this now: The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Happened last now when trying to download a mms on stock messaging program. LG one not installed. Can't seem to download or send mms. Settings are ok. Clean install of Fr12 and full wipe before installing. Baseband updated as well.
  19. My 2X on Fr11 just restarted itself while not in use. just rebooted like windows after a windows update. :)
  20. Happens to me now and then as well. Stock lockscreen. On Fr10 it has happened once since I did a full wipe around a day ago.
  21. Did a full wipe and install of fr10 with same options as fr8 and now my sd card doesn't show up in the phone. Works fine if I use a card reader on my pc.
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