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  1. My phone locked again. Had to take out battery. Was not browsing. Just turned on phone after it had locked itself last time and did not open any programs.
  2. I've had this as well. Happened 3 times since I went to bed last night. Phone was frozen when I woke up in the morning and it happened 2 times when charging the phone here at work. Had to take out battery to get phone on again. Running stock kernel. Not had this problem before.
  3. Don't work with the SE Arc Launcher. Edit: And now my computer doesn't see my memcard properly so I can put new file to flash. Recovery sees it fine.
  4. Great work paul. But fr6 wont let me put LG weather/clock widget on the desktop. Says no room even if there's nothing else there. Same with LG calendar widget. Could it be because I removed LG email app?
  5. Thanks for the tip as I get the FC as well But I still liked the keyboard from Incredible S more when I tried it. If anyone knows a way to port it please tell.
  6. Paul: Any chance to import the HTC Inclredible S keyboard to this rom? It has the scandinavian letters æ, ø and å in it.
  7. When I put the files there recovery don't see the upgrade file for some reason. Edit: Put sdcard in a different android phone and copied file and it ended the right place.
  8. Worth upgrading or should I wait for next release? Edit: Cannot find the SDcard when connection phone to PC. Where can I copy from the phone so that I can put new version of phone for recovery to find it?
  9. Installed this rom and got FC error on fsecure when starting first time. Probably because I've removed the program before with Titanium Backup. A bit choppy during setup, but running smooth now. Looking forward to next update Paul. Great work. :D
  10. And I got my device wiped again. Should be a pause after scripthas run to see if it all went ok or not. Vol Down and Power wiped my phone when I though all went ok. :D
  11. Don't work for me: C:\tools>install-clockworkmod-windows.bat C:\tools>adb-windows push psneuter /data/local/psneuter 1751 KB/s (557962 bytes in 0.311s) C:\tools>adb-windows shell /data/local/psneuter /data/local/psneuter: permission denied C:\tools>adb-windows wait-for-device C:\tools>adb-windows push clockworkmod.img /data/local/ 1926 KB/s (4444160 bytes in 2.253s) C:\tools>adb-windows shell dd if=/data/local/clockworkmod.img of=/ lk0p7 /dev/block/mmcblk0p7: cannot open for write: Permission denied Edit: Rooted again and it went ok.
  12. Great work guys. Looking forward to MCR and maybe Ginger roms soon. :D
  13. LG-P990 2.2.2 1035.21_20110223 FRG83G LGP990-v10a here
  14. Says calendar, mail etc. in synced fine, but nothing shows on my calendar on the phone. Not syncronising all contacts either for some reason. Anybody else experience this? Any fix? Edit: Put sync to 1 month back and all ok.
  15. Twitter FCs for me after baking with Twittermod included. Edit: Uninstall lets me run the program, but after reboot Twitter FCs again.
  16. Here's the update: GingerBread from OTA
  17. Honeycomb has been ported to 3 more phones. Maybe Steve can get some help from them? Info here: http://t3hh4xx0r.com/?page_id=1217
  18. stoney1973: Clear data under Manage applications fixed it for me. Stephen: No problem to add a pop email. But new messages wont show up in Inbox even though you get notification of new email.
  19. Email.apk This makes refresh button show and my Exchange to work. Found this file on a different forum. But I cannot seem to get normal pop mail now. Hopefully someone can get further. Looks promising. The first package posted here will let me access my pop email but Exchange FCs. Hopefully someone can have a look at both these Email.apk files to make one that works with all.
  20. How did you change the user permissions? Nvm. Found it. Exchange fix would be great :D Good work so far.
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