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  1. Whooooooooohhoooooooooo. Sagar just replied and has requested the code. He's a star. :)
  2. My first try ended up like this: Hi xxxxxxx Thanks for your email. I'm sorry our network hasn't took any decision to unlock the Dell Streak. Once it's decided, it'll be updated on our website. I hope this helps. If you need anything else, just email me or visit our online Help Centre at: http://www.o2.co.uk/support/generalhelp Regards Arbinder O2 Customer Service Telefónica O2 UK Limited, Registered in England No 1743099. Registered Office: 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire SL1 4DX. ------------------------------------------- Replied them. Not gonna give up.
  3. Any news telling if TomTom actually will arrive for Android or not?
  4. So you need to send your phone for repair?
  5. Any links for these? Don't want to send my Streak away. But would pay some money for an unlock code.
  6. Is there a way I can buy an unlock code for Dell Streak locked to O2?
  7. I got to borrow a programmer from a friend and I got ok when I flashed the new 1.3 beta firmware. Is there a way for me to check that the RebelSim actually has the 1.3 beta firmware loaded?`Want to make sure it's upgraded before I upgrade my Streak. Edit: The programmer I tried with didn't work.
  8. Anyone tried the files from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=810454
  9. For me must have apps are: IMDb Twitter eBay Flixter Lists (From HTC) Tried to find Notes (From HTC), but couldn't find it in Marketplace. Also wondering if anyone has a good suggestion for a bag/pouch for this phone. Using the one that came with HTC HD2 now but it's a bit too short that bag.
  10. Great work. Any chance of getting the Scandinavian letters: æ, ø and å ? Æ, Ø and Å ? Keep up the great work.
  11. Any branding on the outside of the HD7? Saying O2 on it?
  12. How much is this phone in the UK as Pay and Go?
  13. So if I can find someone to buy this as Pay and Go I can get it for £380 in the UK and unlock cost $25US? Sounds like a great deal. Just want to make sure unlock works first.
  14. Possible to buy unlocked? Price for unlocked?
  15. AndrewTan: How did you get the rom to be translated. Downlaoded some language pack from XDA topic, but yours seem to have more translated. Also would be nice to know all the widgets you have used. Looks great.
  16. Thanks for this. Nice to have. Hope you can keep it up to date if anything new happens with updates etc.
  17. Possible to post a picture how you have cut it please`?
  18. Does Rebel Sim with 1.2 firmware work fine with the latest Official 2.1 android update from O2?
  19. Looks like what I'm waiting for. Good thing I have saved up some cash.
  20. What is strange is that battery is better for me now than it was on "normal" Froyo MCR.
  21. Looks like he has FM radio working according to his Twitter. Great work Paul :)
  22. Kitchen down for me as well.
  23. Is there a way to remove the OTA update notification thing that came this morning?
  24. I want to buy one as well if anyone has one unlocked. Live in Norway and have over 200 positive feedbacks on eBay (100%).
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