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  1. Update with 4.2 coming soon Paul? :) http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/11/13/android-4-2-build-jop40c-rolling-out-to-the-nexus-7-now-manual-download-link-available/
  2. I have the 16gb SGS3 version and a 16gb sd card. It's not possible to move apps to the sd card at all. Tried every app2sd program on Google Play. Paul or any other devs have any hints/solutions here?
  3. I'm using a HTC Rezound at the moment. Random fact... Hm... I'm a gadget nerd. :) My birthday is on the 15th of may. Would make a great birthday gift.
  4. My watch has got the fading display now. Who to contact for a refund?
  5. Yhanks for the update Paul. Great work as always. :)
  6. Great news Paul :) Thanks for all your hard work.
  7. Pulse icon is just grey now for me. Anyone else with the same?
  8. Wi-fi is broken on Hr2 for me. Just says "error" where you can turn it on. Back on Hr1 and wi-fi works.
  9. 2 out of 2 downloads has been corrupted. :( 3 out of 3 now.
  10. Ok. The circular pad works. :) Thanks for the tip. But no way to get buttons to work? Feel I'm more in control when using the buttons on FIFA 10. :)
  11. What analog sticks? :) Have tried to press the buttons every possible way. Should work the same way it works on FIFA 10, Bruce Lee games etc.?
  12. The directional buttons like the ones shown here: http://www.gadget.pdamu.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Xperia-Play-Game-Button-1.jpg
  13. Tying to move the players with the directional buttons on the left that I used on FIFA 10 and worked fine. The pass, shoot and tackle butttons etc. works fine.
  14. Still problem. Tried factory reset of the phone as well. All other games work fine with the controlbuttons. But FIFA 12 not working still with controlbuttons.
  15. Reinstalled 2 times. Still no go. Controls work fine in FIFA 10. Xperia Play running 4.0.2.A.0.42 now. FIFA 12 is version 1.2.5. Really annoying. All other games I've tried can use the controlbuttons fine Edit: With help from Reesters I've been able to play using the "pad". It works, but feel I had more control on FIFA 10 using the buttons. Maybe Paul or someone else can make a mod/hack for using the controlbuttons on FIFA 12? :)
  16. Controls don't work for me. Restarted phone and reinstalled. Not working. Only pass, shoot etc. buttons works. Can't find any settings that can be turned on either.
  17. I've tried it. The controlbuttons don't work and no controls on the screen. The shoot, pass etc. buttons work.
  18. I've just tested mine for 10 minutes and really enjoy using it. Very nice even with just standard sms and call notifications.
  19. How long does the battery last? Need to charge it every day? Mine is "stuck" in the UK. :)
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