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  1. Got my TF 01. of june and it had a defective on/off button. Asus RMA site was down a week before I could actually get a RMA for it (07. june) and then it took 1 week before the workshop here in Norway managed to register it as arrived even though they picked it up on 09. june.

    I decided not to stress too much as I hadn't had any possibility to actually start using it. Since I bought it in the UK I called Asus Support and asked if I had to send it to the UK or if I could get it serviced here in Norway. They said no problem to get it serviced in Norway.

    After around 3 weeks I had to call the workshop as no update was given and they told me my TF was sent to an external workshop. A week later and no more updates I called again and then they said they were waiting for parts.

    Yesterday I finally got my TF back from service. Said Mainboard and cable was replaced and tested OK. Was no battery left on it so I had to put charger in. Turned it on and noticed a strange boot menu. Some diagnostics choices, USB icon and Android icon. I went for the Android icon. My TF then booted up and I noticed a new unlock screen. Though it might could be Android 3.2, but it seem very laggy to open. When I checked firware info it says Android 2.2.

    There's lots of test programs on my TF now and it's running very sluggish. Tried to see if software update is available, but my TF says latest update already installed.

    When I try to turn of my TF now it says: Turning off phone

    Problem is that whne trying to turn off my "phone" it just goes back to the strange boot menu and I cannot actually power off my TF.

    Have called Asus Support here in Norway and they have told me to contact Asus Nordic Support.

    So now I have a "repaired" TF with Android 2.2 that runs sluggish and badly and I cannot upgrade it.

    Seems to me that Asus just sent an old prototype mainboard and installed that and said test OK.

    Am really mad and frustrated at the moment and not interested in sending the TF back to the workshop and wait for another 6-7 weeks for "repair".

    What you think I should do?

    Edit: Stops charging suddenly. If I turn the TF on and off it starts charging for a while and then stops again.

    Edit 2: Doesn't read any memorycards at all.

  2. Paul,

    I've tried now tried building 2 ROMs using the Stock Kernel + WiFi Module ( option and with both I'm getting the noise problem and the Kernel version in Settings/About Tablet is being reported as [email protected] #1.

    That's not correct is it ?

    I have the same. Did full wipe as well

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