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  1. Am I the only one getting a very long delay before the screen gets turned on after pressing power to wake it from sleep? It even got so delayed it turned off before I had the time to unlock it :P

    And minutes ago I just received a phone call and the screen didn't turn on for ~7+ sec. :<

    I have the same. Very annoying.

    Running Google Lockscreen and removed Car Home, Facbook (LG) and some other LG apps.

    Using MCK kernel r14 with overlocking / undervolt support and 64MB RAM hack

  2. Paul, first of all, THANK YOU for you great work!

    Second -) I just uploaded SW (with DLL file) for SU660 V10s with new futures like support MKV and others.

    Could you make candy with this SW for O2x users? I think, there are many people who want play MKV-video on their phones and watch HD-video in browser. May be you can find in V10s another good futures ;-)

    Looking forward to see what Master Paul can do with this :P

  3. Yes I have. Just tried it with handcent - same result. MMS Message simply hangs with message "sending..." and after a few minutes the status message "failed" pops up. For the record, I've tried small attachments like vcards or small pictures as well. Same result.

    EDIT: For the record: Just tried my Swisscom SIM card and the MMS was able to send using the stock messaging program. :S So it is something provider and MCR related... Strange. Any ideas?

    PS: the Sunrise SIM card does work. Just tested that on a different phone and it can send MMS without any problems.

    I have same problem here. Cannot send or receive mms. Tried stocksms/mms program and GoSMS Pro Can send and receive mms if I put simcard in a different phone.

  4. Getting a few errors like this now:

    The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    Happened last now when trying to download a mms on stock messaging program. LG one not installed.

    Can't seem to download or send mms. Settings are ok.

    Clean install of Fr12 and full wipe before installing.

    Baseband updated as well.

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