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  1. Well i experienced some random freezing/lagging and total lockup where the screen or buttons will not respond. Only battery pull helped.

    I've had this as well. Happened 3 times since I went to bed last night. Phone was frozen when I woke up in the morning and it happened 2 times when charging the phone here at work.

    Had to take out battery to get phone on again. Running stock kernel.

    Not had this problem before.

  2. Don't work for me:


    C:\tools>adb-windows push psneuter /data/local/psneuter

    1751 KB/s (557962 bytes in 0.311s)

    C:\tools>adb-windows shell /data/local/psneuter

    /data/local/psneuter: permission denied

    C:\tools>adb-windows wait-for-device

    C:\tools>adb-windows push clockworkmod.img /data/local/

    1926 KB/s (4444160 bytes in 2.253s)

    C:\tools>adb-windows shell dd if=/data/local/clockworkmod.img of=/


    /dev/block/mmcblk0p7: cannot open for write: Permission denied

    Edit: Rooted again and it went ok.

  3. Email.apk

    This makes refresh button show and my Exchange to work. Found this file on a different forum.

    But I cannot seem to get normal pop mail now.

    Hopefully someone can get further. Looks promising.

    The first package posted here will let me access my pop email but Exchange FCs. Hopefully someone can have a look at both these Email.apk files to make one that works with all.

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