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  1. As it happens I incorrectly copied/checked the MD5 code. The MD5 sum IS correct. Thank you for your work on this. EDIT: Just wanted to add... love the way the screen closes down.
  2. Just for info, the MD5 'seems' to be incorrect for this: Swedish-Snow-RLS7-TPT.zip http://www.mediafire...dnpji1bfgjklee1 MD5:19DC81EDC75BA9E3A0E29EBCC5D09C64 The MD5 I got was: 4444062b83a9273a65d9d2ab6fe51ebf I flashed it anyway. So far (first 5 minutes), it's working fine.
  3. I've carried out steps highlighted above but after double clicking on 'install-superrecovery-windows.bat' the phone is just sitting at the Huawei Logo. How long should it stay like that before I get the last part (Prompt for recovery mode)? EDIT: I just pulled the battery and tried the next step (turn on with volume up), and it went into recovery. Rebooted and then check root with Root Checker (downloaded from Market), and I now have root access. :D Now, is there a list of what is and isn't 'Vodafone' crap? I'm in Manage Applications but there's nothing there that says it's 'Vodafone'. There are a few Apps in red that I'm not sure about but I don't want to just start deleting stuff in case it's 'needed' on the phone. Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Arranged for a new phone to replace this one this afternoon. Just done a hard reset to clear all data etc. Tried to connect to Kies.... it connected and I was able to upgrade firmware to latest! Go figure! Need to call them back again tomorrow to stop the new one being processed. Ah well, got me phone to where I want it to be so I'm happy. Thank you to all who tried to help. Blas.
  5. I'm using vista but have also tried on my son's Win7 Laptop. Unfortunately it works on neither. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Kies but that made no difference! Sick of this now! :(
  6. There is no 'Install Driver' in Kies! I've had a look on the net since your suggestion and that's what has been suggested elsewhere but as I say, when I click on Tools there is no option to 'Install driver'. I am in the process of uninstalling Kies and will re-download it from Samsung (for the third time!), and try reinstalling. I'll let you know how that goes.
  7. Thank you for replying mate. I've had a look but I can't see anywhere in Kies to do that. Could you explain a little further please?
  8. I'm on the original rom (have not rooted or anything yet). Is anyone else having problems connecting to Kies? And yes, I know it's the worst software in the world etc etc but I want to use it to check for firmware updates. I plug the phone in and it says connecting on Kies (on PC), and phone says connected on screen. Then on the PC in Kies it says it cannot connect to device. I've tried enabling USB Debugging to get the drivers to install, drivers install but still no joy with Kies! I've phoned Samsung this morning and they reckon it's a driver issue (which I suspected), but they want me to 'pack the phone into a jiffy bag and send it in to them'! I then phoned mobiles.co.uk (who I got the phone from), and they're happy to replace the handset as I'm still in the 28 days but surely if this IS a driver issue, I should be able to sort it myself? Also, can anyone confirm, when you go into: Setting - Wireless and network - USB utilities There is only one option in there? All I have is: USB mass storage. Tap the button below to copy files between the computer and SD card. On my Galaxy Tab (original 7" running official Gingerbread), under Wireless and network I have USB settings and the option to choose Samsung Kies, Media Player and/or Mass Storage. Has that been taken off the Galaxy S2? Thank you in advance for any help guys.
  9. Just for info guys, as the title states, Samsungs 'official' Gingerbread 2.3.3 update is now available via Kies.
  10. I'd be there but I'm in Newcastle upon Tyne, bit too far. Sorry Paul. Have a good one guys.
  11. It infuriates me when people ask for help, in this case 'URGENT HELP', but never reply to say thank you and/or update on how things went. Pigged Ignorance.
  12. AHHHH!!!! Thank you for that prompt k0zmic. I'm an idiot! I must have frozen the picker in Titanium! Sorted now. Thank you very much once again.
  13. Thank you for replying k0zmic. I just downloaded 'Blu Skies Live Wallpaper' from the Market. Long press but still have no Live Wallpaper option! Tried launching it from the Menu key but there's still no Live Wallpaper option! I'm totally confused as to how/why there is no Live Wallpaper option.
  14. Just realised I don't have Live Wallpapers! When I long press on the screen the only options I get for Wallpaper are: Gallery, Wallpaper Gallery and Wallpapers. There is no 'Live Wallpaper' option. Has this been turned off with this Rom? Thank you in advance of any help.
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