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  1. As it happens I incorrectly copied/checked the MD5 code. The MD5 sum IS correct. Thank you for your work on this. EDIT: Just wanted to add... love the way the screen closes down.
  2. Just for info, the MD5 'seems' to be incorrect for this: Swedish-Snow-RLS7-TPT.zip http://www.mediafire...dnpji1bfgjklee1 MD5:19DC81EDC75BA9E3A0E29EBCC5D09C64 The MD5 I got was: 4444062b83a9273a65d9d2ab6fe51ebf I flashed it anyway. So far (first 5 minutes), it's working fine.
  3. I've carried out steps highlighted above but after double clicking on 'install-superrecovery-windows.bat' the phone is just sitting at the Huawei Logo. How long should it stay like that before I get the last part (Prompt for recovery mode)? EDIT: I just pulled the battery and tried the next step (turn on with volume up), and it went into recovery. Rebooted and then check root with Root Checker (downloaded from Market), and I now have root access. :D Now, is there a list of what is and isn't 'Vodafone' crap? I'm in Manage Applications but there's nothing there that says it's 'Vodafone'. There are a few Apps in red that I'm not sure about but I don't want to just start deleting stuff in case it's 'needed' on the phone. Thanks in advance guys.

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