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  1. Homer-S

    WM6 compatibility

    Might it be possible to make Bretto working on PPCP agaim to make it working for WM6?
  2. Homer-S

    Is it possible to backup the settings?

    Sorry I exported the Registry entry to a *.reg file but now after a hardreset I don't know how to import it to the registry. I am using PHM RegEdit but when trying to resatore I receive an error. Can anybody help me?
  3. Homer-S

    Plugin not visible

    I am interessted in a solution for this problem, too. Thanks
  4. Homer-S

    PPCProfiles Pro

    Hmmm... Bretto it sounds as you will upgrade your tool to a complete suite for PPC. For this reason I have one more suggestion. When looking at the tool from Chi-Tai Dang TD-plugin BatteryStatus you see also the provider, signal strengh, battery status and OVER/UNDERCLOCKING by one click. Might this a good idea or is it to special because of the various number of prozessors? One last comment to my last message. When working in the profiles settings the arrows change the profile. That was the reason why I thought it is similar in notfication settings. sorry for that.
  5. Homer-S

    Is it possible to backup the settings?

    Did you receive an answer?
  6. Homer-S

    PPCProfiles Pro

    Hello to all, I have to apologize for my bad english. I just installed this great tool and maybe I've found a bug?! I havent searched the topics because I am not quite sure how to define the search words to get a proper result. Now back to my bug: when adjusting the more -> settings -> notification page on the bottom tool line are two arrow buttons. One to the left the other to the right. I guess these buttons are for navigating through profiles (silent to normal etc) but it do not work. it changes the pulldown list topics. Is it a bug? Or maxbe it is a hint. Thanks

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