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  1. installed GA - but it does not "work": incommin call - Standart WM incomming call bubble appears. device wakes up - locked by WM std lockscreen not GA...
  2. thanks you very much. so which shell/interface would you recommend?
  3. still - i can see a slow memory leak: i have installed battClock - so i can constantly see teh ram. i am loosing about a 1 MB RAm per hour. nothing installed besides SPB mobile shell (no lockscreen yet...)
  4. thanks - could not fing the cab - can you post a link please?
  5. thanks you. regading the lockscreen: which one do you recommend? even an idea for a basic lockscreen that handles incomming calls..
  6. it looks like this rom has a terrible memory leak: after 6 hours of use - "lost" 20 MB of RAM...
  7. the only thing is the famous WM memory leak: after using f or a day, RAM down by 20 MB - for no reason...
  8. have been using this for two days - looks great! how can i enable call recording (during a phone call?)
  9. Deskalos: you are the man!! finally! my low-RAM-device is behaving like a 512 RAM device! it was impossible to work with such low RAM. in my opinion, the RAM is one of teh most important aspects of a device: THANK YOU. have been tryin this for several hours - seems great. one thing: brighness seems to be dimmer - and i cannot enhance brightness. checking...
  10. thanks. so in the 6.5 version - can i install the phone canvas or not?
  11. two questions: 1. how can i add\change the language in the touch input keyboard? 2. can anyone post the link to GA lockscreen? the 6.5 lockscreen does not show SMS or missed calls...
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