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  1. I moved the Diamond to HD this week. I love the HD. Yes it takes a little getting used to the lack of dpad, but its worth it.
  2. cannot connect to the streaming media on my diamond running dutty 3.3
  3. jimbouk


    Try both... O Retail often do a deal where they give you about £150 credit for your old o phone... (which can be any O simlocked handset)... plus good deals - whereas Retentions can sometimes really improve the contact deal. So I would see what both offer you before deciding.
  4. The main advantage of syncing with a server 2003, is the direct push. As Phil says, go to activesync on your device and select menu, schedule. Set it to "as items arrive" for peak hours and manual for off peak ghours, then click the link to peak hours below and set them to when you want direct push.
  5. Yes... as long as you know the key for any secured wifi access point.
  6. Sounds like its sim locked! Try someone orange sim in it.
  7. Have you already set a pin number locally? If so, turn that off and then set it up.
  8. No... you lot lose! Its sat at home running sbs 2003 and hosting all my media and my email... pushing it out to my diamond etc, and I have thus cancelled my 4smartphone account. That £85 saving per year combined with Pipex halfing my monthly bill and throwing in a fixed IP address - saving me £10 per month, means that the £200 or so total outlay is paid for in one year. I just need to find the best cheap server AV offering...
  9. Woah... OK only1gb of ram, but I could get another one for £25 - so a xeon processor, 2gb ram, 250gb hard drive, sata/sas etc... £120
  10. I win... I bought an HP ProLiant ML110 G5 - Micro tower - 1-way - 1 x Dual-Core Xeon 3065 / 2.33 GHz - RAM 1 GB - HDD 1 x 250 GB - DVD±RW (+R double layer) - Gigabit Ethernet - for £94 four weeks ago from Insight. Amazingly they sold out the 250 they had in stock at that price in 24hours.
  11. I am sorry but I simply do not believe anyone thinks sending money to these "companies" is a good idea. It takes about ten minutes to get verification about things such as the companies record at companies house, the directors, the filing of accounts, a search on their premises etc. And who deals with a company who use a Capital Letter At The Start Of Each Word?
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