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  1. I think you'll find the Intel version of this handset by ZTE to be a more a more satisfying experience. 8MP camera too. Dunno about UK plans but T-Mobile in European territories will carry it.
  2. The Nexus 7 is the ideal commuter tablet in terms of size & weight whilst equipped with a great processing power and unadulterated Jelly Bean. I held off buying because of the lack of 3G. Don't want to use my phone as a hotspot because using the tablet for browsing, mail, social etc is supposed to help me conserve my phone battery life for good old-fashioned talking :-) That's why I am really happy at the prospect of a 3G Nexus 7 or, one better, a 4G Nexus 7 supporting the 1800MHz band that Everything Everyhwere will deploy shortly.
  3. Well hopefully I will get mine from VF Business tomorrow. Heartening to see it's got newer f/w. Will put it through it's paces with Exchange Server etc tomorrow.
  4. I had a play with the 8GB Vodafone one in their Experience Store on Oxford Street. The screen did not give haptic feedback in any of the applications - including the messaging app QWERTY. The guys in store reckoned the Omnia did feature haptics but I didn't have time to search the settings. Is it something that can turned off/on in the settings? Does anyone with a VF version know if haptics is enabled in the VF ROM? I am sorely tempted to order one from VF tomorrow - I have to stick with VF, that's our corporate provider. Slight Noddy question, is Windows Messenger / MSN included as part of WinMob 6.1? :D Thanks in advance.
  5. I had the trial on my Vario II and it worked fine. Took it off and Activesync worked fine. Missed the Chapura s/w and ended up buying the licence and re-installing. Works fine. I have e-mailed support once for some advice when changing devices and they responded within 24 hours. Sorry to hear your experience has been less than satisfactory.
  6. I have experienced a similar problem. I was using the wired headset to call T-Mob and choosing various options via keys. When they answered, they couldn't hear me except that i could hear them, they cut me off! I am on holiday today, for a day, and was resetting my voicemail greeting this morning to indicate that. Again used key presses to get through the menu and the greeting recorded NOTHING. This time I was using the handset only. Anyway, T-Mob are sending out a replacement for tomorrow morning. It would appear that the phone has a bug which affects the mic sometimes when DTMF tones are used. Hope my new handset doesn't do this. I am on conf calls a lot and have to tap in PINs to get onto the conf call.
  7. Bit of a newbie question - I've never bought a Microsoft-powered phone but I think the TyTN or network-branded equivalent will be my first. Do the networks have a completely different S/N numbering scheme or do they all bear an HTC S/N? Reason I ask is because I obviously want to be able to see if any device I get has gone beyond S/N HT630XXXX.. on the production line.
  8. Doesn't the T-mob seem to be missing a key. Bit of noob to these devices so excuse ignorance. But the HTC / VF/Orange ones have a key with a picture of a telephone and an eye on them. Cannot see this one on the T-Mob one. Does this matter?
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