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  1. I have an MPx220 too! But I am thinking of changing it - for the simple reason that they've stopped issuing new ROM updates! ex: why the heck didn't they make WM5 compatible on the MPx220!? Why the heck don't we have access to WM6!! Don't get me wrong - it's really awesome but it's like the following example: If you're a tuner and own a Mercedez or BMW....you won't be glad as much as you own an EVO or an Impreza!! I'm sure you got the gist of it!? Best Regards, Geoffrey
  2. If you'd really like to know...download the alarm plugin...install it and then see the shortcuts in the homescreen!! Quite easy - just don't have the time to do it for you at the moment!! ;)
  3. I heard it's been done before!! All you need is the CORRECT 2GB memory card!! Not all of them are compatible but some are!!
  4. What do you think is the next step after my MPx220! Personally, I thought it was already an outdated upgrade when I got it - but it was working just too damn fine to replace - however, now the camera suddenly stopped working! So...I was thinking of an upgrade. What would you all recon would be a pretty amazing upgrade! I was thinking iPhone or HP iPAQ 510. Any other thoughts!?
  5. ROM v3.51 sucks cause it's still got WMP9 and those crappy small fonts...best Asian ROM is v3.46!! Best Generic ROM is v1.49!!
  6. SDA unlock is the only way that I know of....and it works great!!
  7. Of course not....I just installed WMDC and it configured everything on its own!! It recognized my Mobile Phone...established a connection in no time and I was using it immediately...no need for restarts or anything!! Re: the currently discussed subject....I do think Macs are great...but for a gamer like me - I'd pick WINDOWS anyday! Linux ARE trying to get things going with CEDEGA...however - not all games are compatible - so until I find a decent OS, I think I'll stick with Vista!!
  8. What I can say regarding the topic is that the USB data cable is quite crappy and this is a usual occurance! It's happened before...in several cases - where the owner just plugs the USB data cable to the PC on one fine day and it won't work anymore!
  9. Good Lord THAT looks awesome man!! Can someone please do a portrait version of it!? I want it for my MPx!! ;)
  10. If it keeps doing it over and over again...my suggestion is to hard reset the phone! I presume you already know how to do it but if it's not the case follow the instructions below. Make sure to have the battery plugged in correctly. Keep pressing the Blue Button while switching on the phone...it will soon prompt you whether to format the phone or not!!
  11. I think I compiled a good guide of how to change the FONTS in ASIAN ROMs!! Enjoy.... First of all - I suggest you use Segoe UI (which is the font used in WM5 and WM6 [i think]) Copy the selected font in the directory - Storage\windows\Fonts - Then open up PHM Registry Editor Add the following KEYs: [Fontpath] [FontLink] <--- most probably this one will already be there!! BETTER - we'll just edit that!! in the registry directory - [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft] Under [FontLink] make sure to add another KEY named [systemLink] - if this already exists....just open it!! Under [systemLink] make sure to add a VALUE with STRING NAME: nina and STRING VALUE: \Storage\windows\Fonts\name of file font.ext,real name Example: \Storage\windows\Fonts\Segoe UI.ttf,Segoe UI Under [Fontpath] add a new STRING NAME: Fontpath and STRING VALUE: \Storage\windows\Fonts Reboot for the settings to take place!!
  12. can you please let me know how to do that? Cause I tried 1 method but it didn't work!!
  13. Okay...so I'm not saying something new by stating that the MPx220 camera feature - SUCKS big time!! However, the problem is not the lense per se!! The main problem is that the shutter of the lense is too quick (thus not allowing enough lighting to go in and clarify the image)!! What can I use...or what can be done so as to modify the shutter timings?? Anyone has any idea if it can be tweaked from the registry?? Would I need to alter the scripting of the original ROM or would I have to build another BETTER program from scratch (if so....how to do that!? using .Net Framework or C++??) Thanks. Best Regards, Geoffrey
  14. can't indicate where to get such illegit copies!! Or we'll get banned!! :) However, some searches on several search engines should sort you out!!
  15. There are no versions of either WM5 or WM6 (whether LEGAL or ILLEGAL) for our poor MPx220!! Even though there are such upgrades for the MPx200!!
  16. I think I can reply to that!! What is happening their is that your picture is being resized!! that's why even the bottom bar is only showing HALF of it!! :)
  17. I think the 'believe' is a bit off there mate - considering you provide some of the coolest homescreen around!! :rolleyes:
  18. Windows vista uses Windows Mobile Center which is WAAAYYYYY better than ActiveSync (when I say...better...it's actually the looks which are better cause it is basically described as ActiveSync in disguise)!! All you have to do is download that software from Microsoft! Works just fine afterwards!
  19. Just be grateful that it's on the MPx200 man!! I got an MPx220 and no other ROMS (official or otherwise) will ever be available on it :rolleyes:
  20. 3.46 is an excellent ROM...even faster than the 1.49!! However....the fonts for the SMS messages are too small!! I usually read my messages during lectures, while driving, while half asleep! therefore....I definately need some larger fonts than that!! I recently found a way of increasing the fonts of the Asian ROM 3.46 through a registry editor - however...the difference in font size is minimal and when I tried to increase the size even further - it just freaked out and I had to flash the software again!
  21. hehe that sounded like the same reply, genaldar!! :rolleyes: I got warned for posting such contents too :P
  22. MAYBE it is! ;) Mine is anyway.... A totally customizable OS takes up ALOT of space....the normal ROM is 26MB big....imagine what that would be like if it had all that stuff in it. And you CAN change the font of your mobile phone. It is a complicated procedure from the registry...you need to copy the fonts (from PC to mobile device)...then edit some keys in the registry - if you wanna know more ask again - however I will not be held responsible for ANY damages!! :D PS: Windows Vista installation is 10GB big....windows XP is approx. 1GB!! My phone got only 26MB memory and 1GB SDCard.
  23. This phone is neither garbage nor crap - it's just that some people use the offline updater to actually update their ROM!! That was it's much safer!!
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