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  1. Just as I decided to try some other 4.3 ROMs, I know I should've waited, they're not as good as MCR!
  2. Is the removal of the invisible menu soft buttons on the home screen a "feature" of 4.2.2?
  3. Sorry WMDC. Hmm, maybe I need to clean install Win7 instead of doing the Vista upgrade. Worth it since Win7 seems to be working far better than Vista ever did.
  4. Has anyone had any issues with WMC in Windows 7? As soon as I start it it crashes. Tried reinstalling but the install doesn't work either so that's not use :(
  5. They told me that too after offering me a MDA Compact IV for £300 on upgrade. I was frankly disgusted. My contract is essentially £32.50/month. The woman gave me some crap that it was because prices go up at christmas and there will be reductions after the new year. Even after I had said I can open a new contract and get the phone for about a third of the upgrade price. I most definitely wasn't impressed, especially after not upgrading within my upgrade period when I could've done it for £100 online with no hassle. The only thing that will get me to stay with T-Mobile is if they get the SE Xperia X1 after Christmas, which I doubt, so I'm off to O2 because they have both the Touch Pro and X1 for sale right now wheras T-Mobile have neither.
  6. Fair enough. Contract was up yesterday, looks like I might well be moving back to O2!
  7. Does anyone know of any plans to bring this phone to T-Mobile?
  8. I'm back in Sheffield after Easter hols and the 3G is still playing up. When having it turned on I don't get SMS messages until I turn it off or turn the Radio off and back on, or go to uni and end up on a different cell tower. Definitely to do with the Cell Tower near the top of Springvale Road.
  9. Anyone else has anymore problems? My 3G was fine for a few days then messed up again last night with a call not getting through and a text not getting through until I went to GSM then turned the phone stack off and on again.
  10. I think I'll turn 3G back on now and see if I have any more issues.
  11. I think we live pretty much round the corner from each other so the problem does seem pretty localised around our area. I'm sure I don't suffer the same problems when I'm down at Uni so I must be on a different Cell down there.
  12. I'm exactly the same, Vario II, but with a Schaps WM6 ROM, have used others too in the past and still got the same problem, so clearly a T-Mobile issue. I also live in Crookes and it's an absolute nightmare. Have to turn off 3G and revert to GSM just to get the damn phone to work, often that doesn't make a difference and I have use Comm Manager to turn the "phone" part off and back on again. At first I thought it was a phone issue but I've been back at home in Manchester over Christmas and had no problems with 3G being enabled anywhere I went. It seems to just be this Cell near Crookes. It seems in Crookes the 3G just dies and you need to turn the phone stack off and on again (or reboot the phone) to get it to register again properly, and that's when the influx txt messages and answer phone messages start. Very annoying getting txt messages hours late just because I've forgotten to turn off my 3G when we're in a supposedly good 3G area. I even bought the phone in Sheffield. This really does need sorting.
  13. I had some contact backup software that backed the contacts up to a .csc file. It was very simple, but I can't find it again. It ran on the PDA itself. Sure it was free as well. Backed up in the format of "contacts_20071013.csc" Any ideas what it is? Just I did a backup with Jeyo Mobile Companion and when it restores contacts they're all backwards and need their 'File As' option changing. Ie, John Smith used to show as John Smith, it is now Smith John. Very annoying when you're trying to find contacts and you're used to the old way. Hope someone can help!
  14. What a shame, it looks so nice. Do you have a spare you'd like to get rid of?! The S730 costs too much, damn. Might just try and find a cheap WM5 based smartphone on eBay.
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