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  1. Kausor


    Hello Tommy, Sadly (others may laugh at me paying such an amount), I paid £300, at Mobile Phones Direct. I got a £200 discount i.e. the T-Mobile Upgrade discount amount; so for a £500 handset, I got £200 knocked off. The reason for a low discount is I am fortunate to have an employee discount on my WnW, so I only pay half price for my monthly tariff (Flext 35 + WnW - under £20 pcm); so I can fully appreciate why T-Mobile wouldn't exactly fight to keep me on their network as I probably cost them money! KAA
  2. Kausor


    Thanks for this. I have just upgraded today with WM 6.1, joy!
  3. Kausor


    Hello, Sadly I have been told by the Upgrades Team today (August 17th 2009) that the Vario V has been "withdrawn from the range" - when asked to explain what this means, he stated the Vario V will not be on T-Mobile UK, and no reasons are given as to why. Very sad news, it means I'll probably leave T-Mobile after many years . . .
  4. PS . . . forgot to mention, it also says that "What's in the box" includes a 2GB Micro SD Card, but no mention of a spare stylus.
  5. Hello, Browsing on T-mobile website yesterday. http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/mobile-phon...io-iv/overview/ It's available - but very expensive; I'm on Flext 35 WnW currently with my Vario III; but possible upgrade to this - apart from the expensive handset price, may also mean that my Voicemail is not part of the inclusive minutes, from what I have read elsewhere.
  6. Kausor

    T-Mobile MDA Vario II

    Hello, I seem to have an error on my Vario II - whereby two of my previous alarm settings keep recurring. Slightly annoying as one was when I had to make an early start to the day 5:15am - and despite changing the alarm times, activating or deactivating the sounds/notifications and simply turning the alarm off (by either unchecking the box or unhighlighting the days) I still get the "Notification/Reminder" message. Is there a way I can resolve this without having to perform a hard reset? KAA
  7. Kausor

    Paul Reviews.... the HTC TyTN II (Kaiser)

    A week's a long time in football . . . I mean in forums. Been away for a week and 100,000 views, 33 pages - amazing - well done Paul + team. As a Newbie, to avoid asking repetitive questions: is the Search facilities able to find specific words in this forum - as everytime I have tried I get an error - probably my poor ICT skills! The long way would be to trawl through all 33+ pages - but my (sorry if it's been answered) question: does the keyboard light up - couldn't spot the "sensor" as per the Vario II. Apologies again from a newbie up North.
  8. Hello Paul, Does the Kaiser have a light function? I assume it has a flash function for taking photos - but does it have a general light function as the TyTn/Vario II does? Thanks
  9. Kausor

    BoyGenius unboxes the HTC Kaiser

    Hello Paul, Does the Kaiser have a light or is this excluded as per the flash? Thanks KAA
  10. Kausor

    I got HSDPA added to my account

    Hello Mike, I said words to the same effect: "I joined (or in your case "upgraded and stayed with") T-mobile because they were the first to provide HSDPA and it is this that I need" etc. To check if you have HSDPA - you log into My T-mobile > View Account info (beneath payment due) > Mobile phone summary > View or modify additional allowances and services (at the bottom) > It should read: HSDPA 384k Uplink
  11. Orange, more likes rotten Orange. Asked for a PAC code on Sept. 20th, still not received it in the post (even though they say they posted it). Fortunately, I managed to have one (perhaps the only one) helpful person from Orange CS who gave me the PAC code over the phone. Both my wife and I left Orange after about 8 years (no genuine attempt for them to retain us!), went to T-mobile Flext 35 WnW. Hopefully should port the numbers this week (PAC code runs out by the end of this week!)
  12. Kausor

    I got HSDPA added to my account

    Hello, I got HSDPA added to both my and my wife's account. We ordered mid-September Flext 35 + WnW (Standard) online (current offer = Normal
  13. Kausor

    Paul Reviews... the Orange SPV M3100

    Hello Paul, Can you post an image of what happens when you select the phone icon on the homescreen.gif image? I'd like to see what appears in the absence of a phone pad, please Thanks Kausor
  14. Kausor

    Paul Reviews... the Orange SPV M3100

    Hello, Sorry to ask a thick question from a Newbie. I've got the M500 (currently); may I ask when you do use the keyboard to dial a number what appears on the screen if the 'virtual keypad' is missing? Have I misunderstood the very detailed and good review by Paul, or is my question useful?? Thanks Kausor

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