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  1. Earlier posts in this thread say that the technique works with the HTC Faraday (Cingular 2125) ... I presume that the way to do it is to follow the instructions for the HTC Tornado? Can anyone confirm that? Also, what important settings will I lose and need to re-enter? I know I'll lose Exchange server synch settings, but I know how to re-enter those. I know I'll lose contacts, email, etc.; no biggie there because I'll just fetch it all again from the Exchange server. But what about the various settings (about which I know absolutely nothing) that tell the phone how to connect to the ATT network? Are those settings safely located on the SIM? Or will I need to re-enter them? [edit] Okay, I went ahead and did it. For anyone else who is wondering: yes, you follow exactly the directions for HTC Tornado. No, you will not lose your phone network settings (I guess they're on the SIM). Yes, you will lose your data network settings; I found instructions for re-entering AT&T settings here. Nitro's WM6 rocks; I can't wait for a stable WM6.1 to try!! [/edit]
  2. I think that the ROM/firmware (i.e., OS, right?) is something like 38MB, so there should be some usable space left over?
  3. My Cingular 2125 came with the ROM version ... what's the advantage of the older one?
  4. are there any free task manager applications available for smartphone 5.0? not necessarily as spiffy as xbar; just something that's a bit more useful than the basic windows task manager (e.g., access directly from homescreen; toggle between running aps). thanks
  5. Yep, I'm planning to get a big miniSD card ... I still don't get what it's showing me though ... I think I'm supposed to have a total of 128MB of memory (64 ROM and 64 RAM), but what it is reporting only adds up to 64. Where's the other 64?
  6. I'm brand new to the smartphone world, so this is probably a pretty stupid question ... my Cingular 2125 is advertised as having 64MB Flash ROM and 64MB SDRAM, but when I look in System Info I see this: Storage Memory 21MB; Program Memory 45MB ... is this just the Flash memory that it's showing?
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