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  1. You will find it in the Taril ROM thread, though according to the instructions because you have HJ2 you should be able to flash any custom ROM. My girlfriends Omina is HH7 so I need to flash the DXHK3 ROM first.
  2. I am loathe to update my girlfriends Omnia using a USB cable to the PC. I have been using the SDcard method on WinMo devices for years and was wondering if is possible to do so with the Omnia.
  3. Ah this is the beauty of WM phones.. 3rd part apps. B) Definitely give TouchPal 3.5 a go, I've been hearing great things about it from a lot of users. Coming from a hardware keyboard this was my greatest concern about getting the HD but I have faith in the WM community to solve this. If you think Opera is good then try Skyfire (it's open to all not just U.S as previous). Currently the best browsing experience on a WM device.
  4. Once you've done that then shouldn't have to do it again. I have to pair my GPS, give it on out going COM port (usually COM 4) and then for TomTom6 manually set it up to use COM4. After that it works every time. You should try TomTom7 as that picks up the GPS automatically and has some nice added features. Latest version working on Hermes is 7.910.
  5. I can understand Florins grievance if he feels elements of his work has been used to then deprive him of a revenue stream... (who wouldn't) but the way he entered into this diatribe leaves him with very little dignity.
  6. I think you will find that for the time being the best service is still the W&W Plus if you want to use instant messengers!
  7. A/S over Bluetooth is still possbile as I still use it with A/S 4.5. I would have liked the higher speed and farther range of Wifi but will watch this space.
  8. So whatever happened to this.... still not possible.
  9. So whatever happened to this.... still not possible.
  10. As of the 1st of may the Flext tariff is even better value. You get the normal Flext35 deal £180 for calls or texts. (calls 20p/min texts 10p) BUT you also get free evening and weekend calls to UK mobiles and landlines. Now that is going to be very hard to beat.
  11. After many month I've at long last found a way for the camera settings to stay. "Upgraded" to Windows Mobile 6 and the sharpness and contrast etc settings will survive a soft reset. At last. :rolleyes:
  12. Olipro is being rather humble, as it's hard work that has brought us Hard-SPL. :( I find the censorship of the discussion of the WM6 rom a little draconian. I could understand if the s/w is something that will be charged for but WM6 will be FREE. So it's more a case of a premature discussion which will be ok to partake in later this year when it is released. ;)
  13. I really don't see the carriers rushing to supply us with WM6 or even new roms, though I really hope I am wrong. The extra support needed and the phone returns alone from bricked phones due to updating alone if enough to deter them. TomTom6 works great with WM6 (alledgely! ;))
  14. Just contact T-Mobile
  15. http://pocketinsanity.sourceforge.net/content/view/27/40/ This may be what you are looking for....
  16. Never had any problems here. Not sure what's going on with yours. Might want to try Coolcamera. When you insert the MicroSD card and then start the camera app does it give you the message asking whether you want to store photo's on the external storage card?
  17. I used Tweaks2K to totally get rid of mine.
  18. I have found PIE Plus to be excellent, tabbed browsing mappable button etc
  19. There is also a later 1.20 Radio rom out but you need to go back to Bootloader 1.04 to change this. I would probably wait until the end of the month when the new Rom from HTC is slated to appear.
  20. A hard reset would totally get rid of TCPMP or any other program as it resets the device to default. Did you have to reinstall all your software after the hard reset?
  21. The few games I've tried seem to slow down dramatically when the stylus is used. Is this the case for all games? i.e SkyForce played very smooth on my P910 using the stylus but runs like treacle using the stylus on M3100... runs smooth just using the D-Pad.
  22. I have found TomTom6 to be overall better than Co-Pilot. Much more polished and rounded product. The only other one that I found comes close to TomTom is MioMap 3.2 (I-Go)
  23. Also make sure you have hidden folder showing. I could not write to my extended rom but that was because there was a hidden recycle bin on there which still had the old files in. I deleted that and then had ~ 10Mb to play with.
  24. I application unlocked my device by setting registry key 'HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies' valuename '00001001' to dword:1 and then soft-rest using software (like Tweak2K.net) NOT with stylus
  25. Wam7

    Well I managed to get around the application lock using with set registry key 'HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies' valuename '00001001' to dword:1 and then soft-rest using software not with stylus. I am pretty sure all SmartTweaker does is implement this reg hack HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\State\Phone Action: Alter DWORD Value: MultiLine Capabilities from default value to 1 You should be able to switch lines by holding down the # key. This did not work for me but your mileage may vary. This will probably work better on a smart phone rather a PPC as it does not have a normal hardware phone pad.
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