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  1. Looks like a great phone I am potentially thinking of selling my Galaxy Nexus for anyone else interested It may be worth keeping an eye on CEX for a used one, as we speak they have a Grade A (usually mint) on TMobile for £215.00 which is a much better price point.
  2. Cool Free Cradle on the way to me within 2 weeks Thanks Paul
  3. Going to instal MetaWidget on homescreen this allows you to create widgets from any webpage complete with auto refresh
  4. No joy as yet on my Sony Xperia S tried using Root Explorer, I will try via adb in case any different
  5. I just purchased a 3 grade B from CEX for £400, was going to get it sim unlocked stuck my T Mobile sim in and it recognised straight away. So effectively mine looks mint is unlocked and cost £400 quid. Unsure of best new price but I thought I'd post this in case it was helpful
  6. Just picked up the last one from pcworld Coventry. I called the number on pcworld site and they told me which stores had stock. Woohoo finally got one
  7. released in comet stores today but apparently all 180 sold 45 in warehouse for next day delivery so tempted
  8. Thank you. Still looking at diff options now looking at an HD2 with an Android Rom on. I just wish Samsung would fix it one of the XDA pages discussing this issues has had 173,000+ page views and 1900 comments so I know I'm certainly not alone. The biggest certainty is if I sell my SGS a proper fix will be out shortly afterwards lol decisions decisions
  9. Thanks looked at a video of froyo 2.2.1 running overclocked at 1ghz honestly looked better than the SGS, going to give it a few weeks. A lot of people seem to be waiting for the official froyo, however if they dont fix the GPS I can see them getting a lot of bad press. Just looking at SamsungUkMobile on twitter and Facebook shows you how many people are disappointed. Thanks for the update.
  10. Hi All I'm torn at the moment if I should replace my SGS with a Motorola Milestone (about the same trade in value at CEX). The reason being I have always used my android phones for Navigation in the past without any issues (HTC Magic and a Nexus One) however the Google Navigation on my SGS jumps all over the place lagging way behind where I am and putting me on the wrong road the majority of the time. I have tried the majority of ROMs including the latest JPM froyo, XDA Roms GPSfixes and all sorts but to no joy. I'm not a Samsung basher as love the phone other than this floor, has anyone experienced or fixed the same issue. This is how mine seems to perform although not my vid http://bit.ly/brunG4
  11. I've downloaded JG5 from the first page any idea how do I install it?
  12. Hi All Been a long time Android user and used of flashing via update zip, I have stock uk Rom and have downloaded JG5 and my PreBake. Is there a guide on how to install JG5 I keep seeing the phrase Odin but have no idea, if someone could help that would be great.
  13. Found an absolutely awesome calendar widget Android Agenda Widget which is FREE, I have been a long time user of Pure Calendar but it doesn't really suit the dell screen. Android Agenda widget fits the screen much better I have 2 4x4 widgets on 1 screen and they fill it out perfectly, the widgets have the ability to display different calendars so I have one for Work and one for Personal absolutely awesome. On a separate note thinking of selling my Dell to fund a Motorolla XT720 £360 quid from Play anyone got any thoughts, I feel the Dell is great for browsing but just too big for a daily phone
  14. Happing to my streak too No Taskmanagers installed and cover fits perfectly, happened on 2 occasions in last 4 days
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