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  1. Just finished on the phone with Vodafone. I too have one arriving tomorrow to play with. Handset free, 30/month for 750 minutes, 250 texts, 500Mb data, free calls to landlines. Only downside is 24 month contract. Could have got it for 18 months at 35/month, or 30 a month with a whopping £290 handset cost... Apparently this new tariff is available on any phone, but the Touch Pro 2 is their highest cost handset.. But I have 7 days to play with it and see if it does what I want, at a cost I'm prepared to pay, and if not I can send it back, revert to my current out of contract tariff and keep looking. A friend also has the HTC Magic arriving tomorrow on the same deal so will be able to compare them.. Steve.
  2. That's pretty good - what did you have to do to get that price? I'm on a business contract already and am paying 30 a month (well out of contract) but when I was thinking of upgrading a while back was told that since I'm paying virtually nothing over my monthly rate, I'd get virtually nothing off the phone, so the original Diamond would have still cost me ~150-200 to upgrade. I didn't bother going via customer services/retentions so still looking around. Steve.
  3. You can change the URL to be https. However, the browser will likely moan because the certificate is for the parent company, and doesn't match this promotional domain name. The certificate appears to be valid though apart from this. I guess it's a technical limitation - you can't have (with Apache anyway, not sure about IIS) different certificates for virtual hosts if they resolve to the same IP address. I wasn't convinced that the site wasn't a scam, but I did find an article on MoneySavingExpert that referred to it as 'dubiously named but legit': http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/phones/ch...-broadband#payg
  4. Out of interest, did anyone get one of these and get the refund for the lights out card? One of my friends got both but then HP refused the rebate, claiming that you had to buy the server at full price to qualify, not at the reduced price. Which sounds a bit of a con to me, unless you really wanted the lights out card anyway... Steve.
  5. Is it possible to use a PAC number to migrate to the same provider that you're leaving? Or will that warp the fabric of space-time and lead to much confusion? I currently have a business contract with them which expired many months ago and want to upgrade (to a Touch HD most likely) but since I don't often use any minutes above the inclusive ones they won't give me any sort of deal, so I might as well take out a new contract and pay less than I'm paying at the moment for more and get the phone for free. Or am I better off migrating elsewhere anyway? I'm aiming for 30-35 a month (or less!) with data and a moderate amount of minutes and texts, and the phone for free. (basically equivalent to the iphone package but not with an iphone!) Steve.
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