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  1. squall

    Where to buy your Vega!

    Ordered from Dixons - they have confirmed and have prepared it for dispatch. Used Quidco: it tracked straight away; however, the discount code didn't work. Anyone know who Dixons uses for delivery?
  2. squall

    Where to buy your Vega!

    The Currys website has had stock intermittently over the last couple of weeks. I held off ordering when they did have stock as I didn't want it turning up when I was not around. There is some hope of stock coming soon then, I guess. Ian
  3. squall

    Where to buy your Vega!

    Very useful - thanks. I might try to swing by the store today to have a play.
  4. In the US staples christmas catalogue contained on its cover an android tablet - the Viewsonic G-tablet (10 inch), I understand. However, sighting manufacutring defects, staples dropped the product after the catalogues were printed. Some folks over at Engadget - here - have done some digging and report that the problem probably relates to bad programming rather than bad hardware.
  5. squall

    Where to buy your Vega!

    It's interesting - staples binned the viewsonic tablet earlier this month - see here.. One advantage the vega has is this community as such issues would probably be better understood and addressed.
  6. squall

    Not been on for aaaaages

    /wave at James. Me Neither - time for a new device, I think.
  7. squall

    Where to buy your Vega!

    My thoughts too. However, VAT is only going up by 2.5%. While its sad to have to pay more tomorrow than we would today for anything in a world where prices for IT relentlessly fall, it does only works out as about 6-7 pounds more. Id probably spend that to get a PC which had an actual pounds sign on it! Still, I am hoping they will be back in stock this week. I fly back from the US on the 31st, and I will not have a chance to buy one in-person before the VAT rise. I am therefore hoping to order one online for delivery next week.
  8. squall


    Morning folks, Should the Vega return to stock before the VAT rise, I am planning on picking one up. However, I think I'd want insurance against theft as the device is rather large and shiny. I wonder, therefore, what the best options are for insurance? I notice that a couple of the gadget insuring websites also cover tablets, and these websites do so for as little as 2-3pounds GDP. However, I dont know any of these firms. Another route would be to extend home contents insurance to cover personal possessions when outandabout. I wonder what options you use, if any?
  9. squall

    Linux Dist.

    I know there are a few versions of Linux, a few which are designed for netbooks, anyone tried several and willing to give an opinion about the best version for use on a ASUS EEE PC 1000HE? I have plenty of storage. (160Gb) It came with XP which is running very well, but I would try duel boot if there were any advantages. Ian
  10. squall

    Eee PC 1000 arrives in the UK

    I bought the 1000HE from America. $350, Intel Atom processor, 160GB hard drive and 7 hour battery life (It lasts for about 6 hours). The keyboards also very usable. Great deal, and very fast. I tried all the netbooks in bestbuy and this was by far the fastest. It came with windows XP, however I may try some of the other operating systems. I wonder what Vista would be like on it.. Probably not good!
  11. squall

    Simple when you know how ....

    I will reply with regard to the pop settings when i get more time later, but for now, you could have a look at using the Gmail application, http://www.google.com/mobile/mail/index.html which works pretty well, or just point your mobile browser at www.gmail.com
  12. squall

    Changing Your I.P Address

    It depends on what type of internet connection you have, and more specifically, if your isp give you a dynamic or static IP, without knowing more about why your doing this only general advice can be given, but you could try using a proxy if its anonymity your interested in, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_server
  13. squall

    Push Email for free

    thought i would try it, but on entering my phone number it says over the air balance = 0, for a free service, a little worrying!
  14. squall

    The babysitters choice

    its because of things like this that i have to go to the dentist tomorrow :D
  15. squall

    Selling my vario 3

    mick, :D lol.

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