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  1. http://www.htc.com/europe/supportcontent.aspx?id=19302 16/10/08 – Windows Mobile® 6 Upgrade Deadline October 31st is the last day to take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows Mobile® 6. The upgrade link will be removed from HTC’s website at 12:00 pm (noon) GMT on October 31st. Removal of this free upgrade may affect users of the following devices: HTC S621, HTC S620, HTC P4350, HTC P3300, HTC Advantage. If you haven’t upgraded yet and your device has a Windows Mobile® version lower than 6, please take advantage of this offer before it expires. To check the version on your device go to Start > Settings > System tab > About.
  2. Oh yeah, Rob.P said the same thing! D'oh. ;)
  3. Here are some tips that HTC are currently offering customers on how to preserver battery life - 1. Stop running the GPS software if not in use. (Tap Start > Settings > System tab >Task Manager.) 2. Disconnect your data connection if not in use. (Tap Start > Programs > Comm Manager.) 3. Turn off your Bluetooth connection if not in use. (Tap Start > Programs > Comm Manager.) 4. Turn off your Wi-Fi connection if not in use. (Tap Start > Programs > Comm Manager.) 5. Change Power Save Mode from Best Battery to Best Performance in the Wireless LAN setting. (Tap Start > Settings > Connections tab > Wireless LAN > Power Mode tab...) 6. Please check the sync schedule for receiving and downloading incoming mails. For after work hours, it is recommended that you increase the time interval for receiving e-mails to save battery. (Tap Start> Programs > ActiveSync > Menu > Schedule to adjust the sync status in Peak time and Off-peak time.) 7. Set your device to auto adjust the backlight so that the light sensor will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen. (Tap Start > Settings > Backlight tab and then select check Auto adjust backlight.) 8. In standby mode, WCDMA uses lesser power than GSM mode. On the other hand, in talk mode, GSM uses lesser power than WCDMA. You can tap Start > Settings > Phone > Band tab, and then set your network type to Auto. 9. Stop running the applications that are not in use. (Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Task Manager.)
  4. I don't think that HTC ever will fully host Network ROM's... i know that they are the backend of the T-Mo ROMs, but all the other Networks seem to host their own. I can see a lot of people getting frustrated with this one, as on paper they have an HTC device, but technically it's a rebranded HTC handset. :s
  5. We've got a Pro at work that I have been lucky enough to play with a little... only major downside I would say is that the keyboard adds quite a bit of weight to the device - it certainly aint light!
  6. Start > Settings > System > About > Device ID
  7. It was.. yummy! Very smooooth, looks and feels fantastic. It was running what i think would have been a standard HTC ROM, as it had their debug tools on it. I also managed to play with one running a T-Mobile ROM today too, that was very nice indeed as well. It had a nice feature on the Today Screen which had various icons at the bottom, with each representing something like Messaging, Media, Contacts, etc. that you could easily scroll through to quickly access various aspects of the device. I really like it. Oh, and within USB to PC was the option to turn the device into a Mass Storage Device along side the usual gibberish.
  8. I managed to have a VERY quick play with a Diamond today at work... and it looks pretty awesome! It's about the same size and weight as a SEM k850 (although thinner), looks and feels very smart. There a nice feature with the stylus.. there appears to be a magnetic aspect to it, so when the stylus is within the device it sits very snugly and does not fall out! Also, if the device is in standby mode, and the stylus is removed it turns the device on! Nice.
  9. 5/8/2008 Hot fix for system hang resulting from Bluetooth usage when memory is low. Using Bluetooth when your device is low on available memory (below 10 MB), such as while running several programs at the same time, may cause your device to hang. Please download this hot fix to resolve and prevent this problem. ----- I didn't realise that there WAS a problem with low memory on the TyTN 2! Hot fix available via the eClub.
  10. If you provide them with your old unlock code, they can "escalate" the matter to get you your new one. Often the sticking point is when people do not have their old unlock code... Should be simple enough, although it may take a couple of days to come through. Don't pay to get it unlock, they will get the code for you!
  11. Maybe also try and set the devices performance to Best Performance in Power Mode?
  12. Also make sure you are able to access your OWA page, as this is whate Exchange AS uses.. Other than that, to start again tap on Start > Activesync > Menu > Options and delete the Exchange partnership Set it up once more, maybe with the help of your IT guy, with the correct settings and go from there!
  13. Ouch, hate it when that happens! It does almost sound as though the Contacts may have become corrupted or similar? Next time ( :D ) consider performing a ScanPST.exe on your PST file, this will search for any corrupted contacts (or data generally) within your PST. ScanPST.exe can be found here - drive:\Program Files\ Common Files \ System \ msmapi \ 1033 - for Office 2003 or drive:\Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office12 \ scanpst.exe - for Office 2007 Hopefully this will do it for you!
  14. Maybe try to MSCONFIG all start up applications.. see if it is something software orientated casuing the issue? Then a hard reset may be justified..
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