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  1. how is this covered in Voda's T&Cs? does it say "you must not remove our logo" or is it less obvious than that. I'm trawling through my orange contract at the moment.
  2. TBH the problem is so sporadic and for such a short period of time its not a big issue for me. Other people are having issues with screen alignment much more frequently and for longer. If it becomes a problem I'll contact CS and arrange a replacmeent under orange care and hope they don't make the changed rom an issue. If orange bring out a rom upgrade i'll stick that on it before sending it back - the the problem is solved. At the moment this is not possible I don't want to pay to unlock a second device again either so i'm sitting tight at the moment. Thanks for the info on warranty - very useful. I believe changing rom invalidates warranty based on this info which is what I suspected and TBH is what i'd argue if I were a supplier. Just as an aside, do you think removing the orange logo is a way of invlidating your warranty? I'm very tempted!!
  3. I've not read these documents. Ive read (possibly on this forum or over at XDA developers) that network unlocking, changing roms (from an orange to non orange rom) invalidates your warranty. I do have orange care although the realignemnt problem should be covered undeer the normal 12m warranty anyway. If my realignemt issues become more frequent it may be worth ringing orange care and sending it back. They usually swap on the door and the postman is hadly going to check the rom. I will have to pay to get the replacement unlocked again however. They may get back in touch when they realise the rom has been changed :rolleyes:
  4. I'd ring orange now because by the time they answer your 12m warranty will be nearly up! I have an M3100 And I get sporadic misalignments. in about 6 weeks Ive had about 3 bad days (realigned a lot during those days) at other times it's been perfect. very strange problem not rang to get replacement cos couldn't resist swapping roms :rolleyes:
  5. I read about running today from main memory but wasn't aware diary needed to be installed from here. Do they recommend you run diary form main memory? I run spb today from main memory (had problems from extended rom) and diary from extended rom. I use pocket informant. I think its worth having a separate PIM package as the bundled one is pretty poor
  6. I think most will struggle indoors I've had a few over the last few years My current one (Globalsat BT-338) is very good with super quick aquisition times, never drops a signal, excellent batery life and auto power off. It's maintains signal when upstairs and when next to a window downstairs. Expensive though
  7. make sure it's compatible with 3g sims because a lot are not. can you try a non 3g sim in the holder? my twin sim does not have a menu option (that i've noticed) you turn off the phone (via comm manager) and then turn it back on and the sims switch. you do not have to power off the phone completely.
  8. Its a "goode" twin sim card which required cutting of the sims. I was using it in a w800i but you had to power off the phone to change sims. The instructions state you enter a code #3370# to switch sims but this doesn't work. On the m3100 it its relatively easy to turn off the phone and back on again via comm manager so its well suited i.e. you don'e need to power off the phone completely to switch. Working with 3g sims as well Concerning my original question I think pauls programme posted yesterday will suit my needs with respect to turning off data when i switch to the o2 (expensive data tarif!) sim. Thanks Paul
  9. Be very careful cutting the sims. I wouldn't recommend scissors. If you don't have a sim cutting tool use a very sharp craft knife. You take your two sims and cut them using the clear stickers as a guide but its very tricky. You have to trim some of the metal part of the sim to enable it to fit in the holder! the six central portions of the chip must not be cut. you can only trim the outer stips on either side of the sim. Centralise the sticker template over the sim so the cut line does not cross the six central metal parts of the chip. the cut sims fit into the holder which is basically a piece of circuitboard. you then slide the thin metal cover over the holer which holds the two cut sims in place. The whole thing then slides into the phone's own sim holder - this can be tricky as its much thicker than a normal sim. The other bits are probably the holders that allow you to place each cut sim back into a phone to be used as normal. Good Luck.
  10. I suppose that's one solution :rolleyes:
  11. I have a dual sim woking well on my M3100. To transfer bwtween sim cards I disable the phone and reenable it and it switches fine. My problem is that one sim card is web'n'walk enabled and data useage is not a problem The other is an O2 card and I do not want to use any data on this card whatsoever. What is the best way to disable data useage before I switch to the o2 card and to enable it again when I switch back to the tmobile card? I have and would like to keep GPRS permanently connected (via the fit4cat tweaker) on the T-mobile card if possible
  12. Ged_uk do you get the reconnect problems with stereo - i.e. do you have to manually reconnect when out/back into range?
  13. I'm using the itech clip S35 as a stereo BT headset and it works pretty well You can plug in any headphones into the headset (I plug it into the line in jack on my car stereo to play music in the car/use handsfree through the car speakers (although in this mode the other caler is getting some serious echo effects which I have not resolved as yet!)) but also occasionally plug in my own headphones. You can set the itech as a handfree and/or a wireless stereo device independently. When the itech is switched off or if you go out of range the sound is transferred to the phone ok The only issue i'm having at the moment is that when you come back into range the headset function reconnects ok and calls can be taken through the headset ok but the stereo output is not. For example if you were playing an mp3 in stereo over BT and you then went out of range/disconnected for any reason, stereo sound would then transfer to the phone speaker and not reconnect to the headset automatically when back in range. You have to enter BT settings, uncheck the wireless stereo option, save, recheck the wireless option and it reconnects. I'm hoping this will be fixed in a rom update. Sound quality is pretty good in my opinion although this can be very subjective and dependant on the quality of mp3. hope this helps.
  14. Oops! missed it! sorry. the sound thing was off by default, Just turned it on to try. Just turned it off again! I like the menu bar along the botom so the WM5 menu bar option is off.
  15. Not seen this mentioned anywhere but just installed the trial of PIE plus and it turns PIE nto one great browsing package. load of scrolling options and tweaks to the default browser. Worth a look
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