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  1. Quick search reveals this http://www.datakits.co.uk/store/htc-touch-...tml?language=en Not too jazzy, but functional
  2. Hi Unisat, You will be fine upgrading the ROM from an XP machine - it is no problem at all if you follow the instructions. In truth though, the ROM upgrade probably still won't give you the experience you are after... Without wanting to rub it in, the Touch HD is the best phone I have ever used. I miss a hardware keyboard a little and sometimes its responses are a little inaccurate but I think it is a better, more versatile handset than the iPhone and not even on the same page as the Omnia which is for me a total turkey. If I were in your position I would have a look see what I could get for the Omnia on Ebay if it is in good nick, acquire a new one from my service provider on account of some fault that I am sure you could engineer or sell it to the likes of Envirofone, then go out and grit your teeth and buy an HD. I guarantee you won't regret it. Is your Omnia insured? Do you have small children who like to play with it? There are always possibilities (not that I would endorse any of them)....
  3. This is a known issue with HH1 - you need to upgrade to the latest Firmware which you will find in the forum. Good luck with the Omnia - it's a nightmare phone IMHO. Terrible battery life, unresponsive screen and a shocking user experience. If you can still get rid of it I would and steer clear of Samsung handsets full stop. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear.
  4. Thanks for pointing that out Billybear....gosh yes it is small isn't it. Seems to have just one colour – green – which is off if there are no notifications and flashes if you have notifications. I have all my notifications set to flash indefinitely and this seems to work ok. I suspect it might flash red for low battery. But no blue for bluetooth or orange for charging as on previous HTC phones.
  5. Am I missing something or are there no LED notifications on the Touch HD? Does this mean that you have to actually pick the phone up and bring it out of sleep mode just to see if you have missed any calls/emails/texts....Not great if that is the case IMHO
  6. Ok so something is happening on my PC because I am downloading the file and copying it across to the device...not extracting, unzipping or anything similar. Strange. Maybe I will zip up the file that I have.
  7. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I know other people have experienced this so I must be missing something simple.
  8. Hello peeps, Having a bit of a problem with the Black HTC theme here. Have dug around and tried a few of the solutions but with no joy so far... Basically when I try to apply the theme through M2DC it gives me the old 'unable to find HTChomesettings.xml etc' message but nothing I do makes any difference. So far, I have tried disabling TouchFlo and applying the theme and I have also installed the most up-to-date version of M2DC. All suggestions most welcome. thanks in advance
  9. My HTC Touch Dual gives battery consumption in increments of 1%...in fact first place I have come across the 10% drops is the Omnia
  10. That is true, but there is no reason why you can't connect the phone to the laptop over USB while using it as a bluetooth modem....
  11. Syncmate is total overkill for what I think you want IMHO.... As I see it you simply want to use your Omnia as a 3G modem to provide internet connectivity. If that is the case to the following: 1. Pair Omnia and MBP over Bluetooth (it is worth doing this in a lead-lined room as MBP's Bluetooth radio is so sensitive it picks up every mobile phone in a 50-mile radius) 2. Make sure that at the end of Bluetooth pairing process the MBP recognises the Omnia as providing a Personal Area Network. 3. On phone go to programs>internet sharing 4. In the PC connection dropdown select Bluetooth PAN 5. In the Network connection dropdown make sure that your default internet connection is selected (Contract Internet on Vodafone, for example) 6. Click connect at the bottom of the screen 7. On MBP go to bluetooth icon, click it, select your phone and in the slide-out menu select connect to Network. 8. Browse internet. Hope that helps.
  12. What ROM are you using? This was a problem with some of the earlier ROM versions....
  13. Or you could just update the firmware and that will fix the problem.... do a hard reset from the settings menu to delete your contraband if you choose to send it back
  14. Hi there, Bit confused by what you are trying to do here...Do you want to use the the Omnia to access the internet? Or are you wanting to dial-in to a specific number? If it's the former, simply pair the omnia over Bluetooth, then activate Internet Sharing and voila - you have hi-speed internet access. If you are wanting to dial a specific number then someone else will have to answer the question. It's definitely possible - I used to do it years ago with a nokia when I was a cub reporter, but have had no need for dial-up for about five years now. Good luck
  15. I suspect you have a branded ROM - the screens you are seeing come from Samsung firmware...do you have an Orange or Vodafone branded phone? **EDIT** In fact, having looked closer at the screenshot that you have posted I can see that you have a Vodafone-branded device. If you want that programme view, you will need to flash your firmware to a non-branded one. The current version is HI2. You shouldn't have any trouble with doing this, but you would need to flash back to the Voda ROM if you ever needed to send the handset back to them for repairs as a non-Voda ROM will invalidate your warranty. Good luck.
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