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  1. Panthro

    HTC 7 Pro - the multipurpose device

    Dolby® Mobile and SRS surround sound - hope the front grills on the Top and Bottom are speakers ... that would be a sweet idea. Of all the WM7 Phones this is the one that appeals to me the MOST ... but for Sprint being the ONLY carrier to launch this in 2011 and no confirmed absolute information about a UMTS 850/1900/2100Mhz bands with HSPA its a dead device that really appeals for the business market. That Dell Venue looks like shite.
  2. Panthro

    Enable 320x240 video recording on the Q9H

    DUDE ... pure GENIOUS! THANK you, THANK YOU! That DID it. Also you are correct that folders 2 & 3 if highlighted and clicking Values is already set to 3. I'm content!
  3. Panthro

    Netfront Browser

    IS this ONLY for Windows Mobile 6 Professional, Smartphone editions not supported? Strange because within the platform it specifically and seperately mentions Smartphone & PPC Phone Edition. Its in the schematic of tech diagram.
  4. Common. Nobody wants to take a look at this information and see IF its possible? The chipset T.I. OMAP 2415 DOES support WiFi, even built in.
  5. However ... some MORE FUEL to the fire. I'm determined! There is some company with some lube posting on every possible place on the web about sending in your device & for $80US (up from originally 60US within 4days) to enable WiFi but ONLY on the Q9h. When I posted concerns of applications being wiped or lost, 2-3days after on their site somebody found a new posting about backing up your data BEFORE sending it in (ho-hum, the lameness of a ill-equiped personnel of a business) . So it got me thinking. <_< THIS is what I found today ... If ANYONE has a WiFi enabled WM6 Professional HTC device ... can you PLEASE post your default Registry settings in the following: (BTW, I'm using PHM Editor ) HKEY_Classes_ROOT > WiFi > CLSID (values): Default: Valuedata: {EDF83936-F42FA-43e2-A278-DB67EF7E90B8 (value type REG_SZ) HKEY_CURRENT_USER > ControlPanel > WiFi > EapolParam1 > EapFlags (value)> Value data: 0 (value type: REG_DWORD) EapType (value)> Value data: 25 (value type: REG_DWORD) EapolParam2 EapFlags (value)> Value data: 0 (value type: REG_DWORD) EapType (value)> Value data: 13 (value type: REG_DWORD) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > ControlPanel > WiFi Timeout (value) > Value data: 0 (value type: REG_DWORD) NOTE; Under the following I ALSO have these listings: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Comm > WiFi > Comm > ScanInterval (value)> Value data: 60 (decimal) (type: REG_DWORD) also (amongst: AutoCFG, AutoInterval, DefaultGateway, EnableDHCP, Subnetmask, and UseZeroBroadcast, I have the following) (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Comm >) RNDISFN1 > Parms > TcpIP > IpAddress > Value Name: IpAddress > Value data: (value type: REG_SZ) Findings FIRST posted here by Prom1 = Me (3rd time posting tonight though)
  6. Panthro

    Motorola Q9h Data Connections

    Thanks guys .. got this working 2 days ago on my own by the same methods you BOTH mentioned. I'm content. However although I created new settings for my Rogers Wireless MMS it still will not SEND although I finally received the test MMS from my wife's LG Shine (Rogers branded) after 2 days. My settings should be correct but I'm getting help to verify. I'm aware of AT&T Q9h's having MMS delays so this may be part of the ROM somewhere. usually anyone with issues send/receiving MMS is because the network wasn't enabled to allow it on their billing account/switch. Mines enabled. Strange that I CAN receive but not send. usually its the OTHER way around. again I'm a Windows Mobile newb and its NOTHING like WinXP desktop - at least to me so NOTHING is straight forward. nothing at all.
  7. Panthro

    Firmware on Q9h

    Is there a way to find the original ROM for the same device?
  8. Panthro

    Moto Q9h ROM

    Where did you find the original firmware to your phone anyhow?
  9. Panthro

    Enable 320x240 video recording on the Q9H

    Not that easy for me .... There is so many things listed here. I've got ... HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Pictures\Camera\OEM\VideoProfile\ Here I have folders 1 , 2 , 3 (not OptionNum ). And within each of those folders (1/2/3) I have .... in folder "1" I've got ... AudioEncoderCLSID CaptureColorFrom... MuxCLSID PreviewColorForm... PreviewFrameInter... VideoCaptureFram... (I'm thinking video frame capture, but my value is 0 not 2). VideoEncoderCLSID VideoEncoderProp... So what do I do? BTW, I've got a Motorola Q9h AT&T model.
  10. Hello everyone. I'm a COMPLETE newb to the Windows Mobile scene ... and so far my decision last nite to go to this platform is not fairing so well - mostly because I didn't follow my GUT instinct NOT to purchase a Q9h AT&T branded version, when I live in Canada and use Rogers Wireless (this was originally posted by the seller on Rogers). That said I've search a few threads here - totally forgotten that I had a membership since last year) - but I have not found anything specific to what I was looking for and I need ALL of your help. 1> It seems branded Q9h's have several bookmarks, application shortcut links (to download apps), applications, and finally but most importantly data connection settings that I don't need (or you yourself dont need). Now this wouldn't bother so much if this had WiFi (another topic, another thread), but I NEED this data connection. 2> IS there a way that I can find the SOURCE and install the Rogers branded firmware into this Q9h? I'm aware the ROM and RAM is slightly different (Rogers' Q9h has 256MB ROM, 96MB RAM - some used I know). Ive tried Motorola's site ... and although their marketing team has done a FANTASTIC job of advertisement of the Q9, nothing even in support has anything on Firmware. I tried software & nothing listed. I need your help guys. The data settings for Rogers I have but inputting them into this AT&T-Q9h is useless because telling the setting that it connects to "Internet", "WAP", "Secure WAP", "Work", etc. non of these seem to work. ODDLY enough via the MicroUSB-USB connection to my PC I can surf websites. I sincerely need your help ... else I spent $300 on a project device that is useless to me. Its in MINT condition too, which annoys me to pieces. Any pointers & help would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks. WM6 Standard Newb Prom1
  11. Panthro

    Need Your Confirmation

    This is what I found from another site .... (I'm a COMPLETE Windows Mobile Newbie ... and I think I got screwed with the AT&T Q9h that I just got last night, as I'm on Rogers but thats another post). HoFo post (Tin Star): " Here is the way I do it and I have never had a problem. Start IntShrUI and press "connect" then plug in usb cable. To shut down reverse the procedure and "disconnect" before pulling the usb cable otherwise it will sometimes lock up. " ^ Hoping that helps.
  12. Um don't you mean Cavalier instead of Excalibur?! I am so HOOKED on the Cavalier I do hope HTC brings this out or the WINGS is stylish enough and follows the standard version. Hello everybody long term lurker soon to be an active member.

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