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  1. i believe there is a step by step guide on www.orange.co.uk for m3100
  2. i think the latest one. downloaded it off their site. Using verichat now ...seems ok. The ony problem is that 3G is hungry and i keep feeding it ... :D .... BTW people ...do NOT dare to use GPRS abroad ...when roaming ...got a bill recently ..
  3. yeah, no problems here since removing agile messanger ...i think thats cousing the problem.
  4. exactly the same problem here...still waiting for orange to enable my new sim. I contacted them twice already and sent an email and waiting for reply. No problem with sound here. I did have the no wakeup but i think that was due to agile messanger ....it seems ok atm. Got my phone last thursday ...still no SIM update.
  5. agile massenger was causing this problem on my m3100....at least i believe thats what it was. Will let you know if it happens again.
  6. yes, i've been using the off button to lock the device. The problem i find it is that co many times i have to press it a number of times as there is a delay in switching the screen on. Sometimes i press the button, nothing happens, the press it again, nothing and then press it again but in the meantime its switchen on and now i switched it off...arrgghh... There seems to be a really nice 'proper' phone lock feature in the device ...the one available from the today screen but its only accesible from today. Isnt there a way of getting that feature to be timed?...e.g. 2 min, 3 min...etc..
  7. Hey.. Does anyone know how to get the SPV M3100's screen to stay on during calls?... Is there an app/hack that will do this? Many Thanks f
  8. i just use smtp.orange.net smtp server , not auth, no log/pass ..works fine ..but my GPRS is really flaky ..sometimes it works , sometimes it doesnt.
  9. Hi people... new to this forum just as i got the new SPVM3100 on orange....ex treo 650 user. Does anyone know how to screen lock the device automaticly?...same as from today screen but auto, e.g. 3 min. thanx
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