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  1. Thanks, but out of interest, soes anyone know why the graphic is much lower quality on Vario III to Vario II?
  2. Hi, a few questions after having migrated from Vario II to Vario III. Small point, but the TomTom graphic has jagged white edges on the Vario III - thought I may have the reason when I found ENABLE CLEARTYPE to smooth fonts in Settings/Screen, but it made no difference. Anyone know why it is pin sharp only on earlier model? Also seems a waste having a double-line space taken up with TomTom then a further one for the Anti-Virus (although I see it is thought worthless in a post below). Can these be amalgamated into one line? TomTom is an option in the Today menu but cant see where AV icon can be switched on or off?
  3. Further to post above, I restarted and sky remote still didn't work, then re-installed sky into java and this time softkey accesses LOGIN and utillity correctly set SKYHD planner. Thanks to those who posted procedure.
  4. Installed JBED Java on Vario III as per instructions above, then run Java red reversed E icon in Programs. Click Sky by Mobile from list (installed earlier from Install/Local Files?) and use centre cursor to add Username and password, but still cannot access bottom-left LOGIN. Should this now be clickable with stylus? (Password remains yellow highlighted but up/down cursor only allows entry to top 2 fields.
  5. PS - Using Vario II - maybe that's the problem? Anyone able to LOGIN on this?
  6. I also cannot select the LOGIN, using any key, keyboard is showing centre bottom and left softkey has no function. Any ideas?
  7. I remember when installing, that officially this combination was not supported or mentioned in TomTom packaging (in fact when I had a query on install, having incorrectly put TT files in a folder on MSD card, they refused point blank to even talk to me). Just recently, I have had a couple of silly route suggestions, trying to get on M11/M25 from Epping kept taking me to a farmyard and even driving away kept routing me back on re-calculation! Are there ever any upgrades to the routing? Is it contained within the maps? I have tried through the TomTom Home route and it says no upgrade, but then it probably would as Hermes/TyTN/Vario II not supported. TT site shows a January 2007 update for: HTC P3300 / O2 XDA Orbit / T-Mobile MDA Compact III / Orange SPV M650 HTC P3600 / Orange SPV M700 / SFR s300+ Would this be of use for the Vario, or is it software for running the application rather than routing anyway?
  8. I think a wider zoom may cause more cams to be included rather than a closer view but i'm not sure, in theory it should work by distance set for warning rather than whats on screen.
  9. Even if ONLY ON ROUTE not selected in POI screen? I CLEAR ROUTE when driving known trips but still receive audible warnings when cameras on road (or nearby which can be a pain but better than not at all)
  10. TomTom 'support' refuse to discuss issues on the VarioII as it is not supported or recommended for the product. I was told to return it to the shop I bought it from if I had any problem. I have always cured TomTom lockup by switching to Landscape and back again, not sure how I got into this habbit.
  11. I also found TomTom support to be totally useless. I bought version 6 GPSr and software which came on a mini-sd card. It would not install from DVD Home as I believe the DVD does not contain the program. I copied from Mini SD to my MICRO SD 2GB card but made the mistake of putting the many TT files into a folder rather than scattered on card amongst other files as I eventually found was needed. The jobsworth from Holland said as the Package and the TomTom website does not included VARIO II, he will not answer any questions at all and that I should return Program for refund if dealer said it would be compatible with my phone. I mentioned that lots of people have it working on a Vario/TYTN and asked 'didn't he want to help me?' The answer was no. People should be warned that TomToms support is dreadful and downright rude.
  12. Anyone used this on standard T-Mobile Vario II rom?
  13. I use the TomTom gps receiver (included with Navigator6) for walking and Geocaching. Works fairly well but probably not as good as a dedicated handheld (then again I am comparing with £300 Garmin). Trying out walking software at present, most give a 30 day trial. BEELINEGPS seems best so far although NavigatorII is simple and counts down the milliage while driving to a co-ordinate before getting out and walking.
  14. I have TomTom official Receiver working with Navigator 6, but cant get it to run with Memory Map. Have tried every com port, any ideas? Do I need to re setup an additional Bluetooth connection, only it already shows in list automatically during Navigator setup.
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