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  1. Same thing again this morning. Not funny. ;)
  2. Mine's back working again now, so fingers crossed that will be an end to the problem!
  3. I was really impressed with mail2web. I thought it would all be really difficult to do and technical and give me a migraine, but I downloaded the setup file and it was a breeze - well, until T-Mob's gprs went down that is... It's only been worth doing for me since I found out that I could easily forward hotmail or live or whatever they're calling it now. In the past you couldn't do that, so it's a real plus.
  4. The really annoying thing is that last night I set up Mail2Web push mail for the first time, and everything was going really well, I was quite pleased with myself! All was working OK until 2.30 am. I set it up to sync again as from 7.30, and when I looked at the device this morning, it hadn't connected. So, of course I assumed it was me, and something I'd 'done'. After an hour of fiddling about and getting messages like: "The remote party has ended this connection"! I even checked online to make sure my bill had been paid! As a last resort I contacted CS and they told me there were problems all over the country, not just near me. Anyway, if it's any consolation, he did say that as it's such a widespread problem it's getting A1 priority for fixing.
  5. After no problems ever for months, I suddenly couldn't connect this morning. Checked everything several times, then called 150. The guy confirmed that T-Mobile UK are having GPRS problems all over their network today, and are working as quickly as possible to fix this. Just thought I'd pass this on if anyone else was having trouble.
  6. marisa4755

    HTC Touch Data Entry

    There are lots of different soft keyboard people recommend, which you can add. Free: Happy Tapping PCM Keyboard HTC Phonepad (google these) Not free, but good Tengo Thumb Fingertouch Spb Full Screen Keyboard Most people use a mixture of 2 or 3 of these depending on what they are working on at that time. Phonepad is good for texting, PCM and Tengo are good for lots of text eg documents, but all of these have their fans. Best thing to do is try the free ones, then try the free trials of the others and see which you like best. Personally I haven't even used my stylus for over a month with the Touch. I did at first, but that was mostly habit. Now I don't bother.
  7. marisa4755

    The best Contact App

    I'm using it has become my favourite text entry method. I prefer it to Happy Tapping, Phonepad and Tengo Thumb, and I never thought I'd say that. It's still in development, but I think it will be excellent when finished. It's really good now.
  8. Please could those of you with an Orange Touch look to see what version of Windows Live Mobile you have? (and also, if you use this, can you tell me whether it works OK synchronising AFTER a soft reset?) the version on the standard HTC Touch is: 10.6.0028.2700 and it has a fault in that all goes well, but after a soft reset it is not possible to sync any more, it gets stuck on Personal settings.
  9. marisa4755


    Happy tapping is good, but htc phonepad is better in my opinion, both are free, so why not try both?
  10. marisa4755

    MMS on the HTC Touch

    Glad you got it sorted! Just received my new Touch today and had to do the same thing.
  11. marisa4755

    MMS on the HTC Touch

    Have you sent a message yet? I seem to remember something about this on a new setup. You can't receive them until you have sent one or something strange.
  12. marisa4755

    Windows Live Messenger

    Is everyone having this problem? Does it still sync hotmail ok? thanks
  13. I'm thinking of buying this device and was wondering of those of you with one could answer 3 questions for me: The Touchflo interface (cube etc) is that only in that rather gloomy black/grey colour? Are there options to change it? Has anyone also owned a Vario II (Tytn, Hermes etc) and can you compare speed/memory etc, do you notice the difference? How about battery life, is it that much better? Has anyone got window live mobile working 'out of the box' without problems or are you all having problems and having to install another version? Many thanks for any help with this.
  14. No, I said that I had sent myself an email from my gmail account to my hotmail account in order to test if the push was working on the hotmail account through live. This was so I could monitor the time taken for an email to arrive when I knew exactly the second it had been sent.
  15. Ok, after some help from someone over on the Spb forums, he told me that in order to get a successful installation of WML, it was best to uninstall any phone profile software first, then WML, then reinstall phone profile stuff, and it worked a treat. My device is not slower as it was before. Regarding the 'sync as items arrive' settings, I found that if I set this, then although if I went back to check the settings it appeared to be on manual, it was really on sync as items arrive. However, it seems fairly slow. I too thought it wasn't working as I signed on to my gmail account over the web and sent myself an email. After 10 minutes it hadn't arrived, so I used the sync option, and there it was. So, I assumed it wasn't working, but it was. I know this because I asked someone to send me an email with the time on it that they sent the email. I got distracted by something else, and 15 minutes later, there was the notification that an email had arrived, so it's definitely working, but seems at times to be a bit slow (especially compared to exchange server push mail which is virtually instant). The longest I can trace is around 20 minutes. However, there are so many other benefits that I think I will keep using it. It's free, I can use it on my hotmail account, messenger works great with it etc etc. Interested to hear what others are finding on this. In reply to the registry question, on my hermes (vario II) it says: HKLM/Services/Windows Live/Sync/SyncType 1

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